The Most Satisfyingly Disgusting Videos You Can Find Online


You won’t be able to keep your eyes away



Sometimes we can’t decide whether the human body is an amazing or disgusting thing. On one hand, it’s completely complicated and can adapt itself for survival. At the same time, it’s also capable accumulating the grossest amount of anything—earwax, pimples and blackheads included. And oddly enough, the removal of these things make up some of the most weirdly satisfying videos.


Cockroach meets earwax

They say that cleaning your ears too often is a bad thing, but it looks like this guy just gave it up altogether. Clumps of dark earwax mixed in with some cockroach pieces—some whole and some torn apart. We keep asking ourselves: How did he not know? Or even worse, how did he not care?



Pop, squeeze, repeat.

We’re all guilty of popping our pimples, no matter how old we are. Here’s a video of an expert doing just that, her hands moving quickly and diligently. For some reason, we found ourselves rooting for her and breathing a sigh of relief after each and every removal.



One gigantic pop.

If you aren’t into the multiple pops, maybe this video will tickle your fancy more. The sheer amount of pus is definitely disgusting, but you’ll find yourself wanting to watch it until the very end. There’s just something about the cutting, the squeezing and the oozing that is just so satisfying.



Pulling them out.

Ingrown hairs are pesky little things. Trust us when we say we’ve done our fair share of scraping and pulling. This compilation is both frustrating and infuriating, but we definitely felt some relief when hair root and skin finally parted. Honestly though, we would have loved a better set of tweezers.



Got something in your eye?

When we were kids, our parents told us not to run around with anything in our hands because we might poke our eyes, and this video proves that—once again—they were right. This is quick, but a little painful to watch.




It’s always best to see your doctor when anything out of the ordinary is happening with your body—extreme or otherwise. Remember to always consult with them first.