Christmas in the City: 7 Reasons You’ll Want to Stay in Manila This Holiday Season


It’s time you consider making this your new Christmas tradition



Christmas Day is creeping up on us. Do you have plans in place for the holidays yet?


If you happen to be the type of Pinoy who lives for this season (if Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” elicits a dance number for example, then yes, we’re talking to you), we understand you take your Christmas break very seriously. And why shouldn’t you? It’s the one time a year you gather your family and friends for food, fun and festivities; you also have your family’s own unique set of traditions to look forward to.


However, when putting “Christmas” and “vacation” together, the go-to for most families is a trip away from the city. It’s a shame considering Manila is giving those out-of-town Christmas vacays a run for their money.


Here, we make a case for Christmas in the city. Keep scrolling for 7 reasons you’ll want to stay in Manila this holiday season.



#1: It’s a chance for you to channel your inner Martha Stewart and host a kick-ass Christmas get-together at your place.


The art of hosting is not dead. And if you don’t already have a knack for it, a quick scroll through Pinterest will do the trick. Pool your resources this December for a one-of-a-kind gathering with your closest friends or immediate family; the more intimate, the better. Your guests will not only appreciate the personal touch, you lending your time and the attention to detail, it’ll leave them with something to talk about for months to come. Christmas is too special for anything generic.


Click here for recipes Martha Stewart would definitely approve of.



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#2: If hosting dinner isn’t your thing, you can always help yourself to mouthwatering Christmas Day buffets you can only find in the city.

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Here’s a new take on Noche Buena: Get your fill at buffets like HEAT at Edsa Shangri-la Plaza, restaurants at The Peninsula Manila, Marriott Manila and Marco Polo Ortigas Manila. You may take your pick between a lunch buffet and dinner buffet…go for both if you and your family are foodies. Just make sure to call and reserve your slot a week in advance!


#3: A Christmas movie night elsewhere just isn’t the same.

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Whether it’s one Christmas movie each night leading up to Christmas Day or a marathon of a bunch of Christmas films on Christmas Eve, you can’t go wrong with movies and a scrumptious nightcap. This is also an excellent opportunity for the younger kids in your clan to get acquainted with some of the Christmas movies you watched growing up. How’s that for a new tradition?


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#4: Stay for the traffic-free streets of Manila that you and your family can cruise through.

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Manila with no traffic? Is there such a thing? Over Christmas break, there is. Stores and malls don’t close until Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but you can bet the streets will start to clear up by December 21, Thursday.



#5: A Christmas Carol: The Musical will be in town.


‘Tis the season to be jolly, but ‘tis also the season to be thankful. What use is Christmas if you don’t take the time to reflect amid the festivities? Here to help remind everyone about the true meaning of Christmas is the theatrical production of A Christmas Carol. A new spin on a classic tale featuring a stellar cast and loads of surprises, it’s something families everywhere should make a point to watch together.


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#6: Why settle for a Christmas tree when you can have a full-blown garden at the Festival of Lights at Ayala Triangle Park?

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Pinoys have made it a point to watch out for this one! Ayala Triangle Gardens, now famous for its Festival of Lights, is back at it with its breathtaking dancing lights and sounds display to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year (the unveiling of the Festival of Lights alone has become a major event on its own).


With each year being more spectacular than the last, your family will not want to miss the display for 2017. Drop by between 6PM and 10PM to catch the 30-minute show choreographed by award-winning directors Voltaire De Jesus and Luther Gumia. The show will run until January 7, 2018.


#7: You’re going to want to be around for the country’s first Christmas light tunnel.

Photo RP Ocampo


Dreamy? Romantic? Or both? Real estate company Ortigas & Co. recently opened the country’s first Christmas Musical Street Light Tunnel right outside Tiendesitas for the public to enjoy. “Christmas brings people together and the Christmas Musical Street Light Tunnel is one spectacle that aims to gather families and friends together to enjoy and be delighted by the many possibilities and cheer that the season can bring,” vice president of Ortigas & Co. Renee Bacani told ABS-CBN News. The installation will be open until January 7, 2018.


Even those cramming their Christmas shopping in the Ortigas area have something to look forward to!



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Staying put is officially the new flying out. Have a Happy Holiday in the city!