The Most Common Female Stereotypes Women Are Srsly Sick Of


Sorry we ain’t sorry



Yes, it’s the 21st century. Times are a-changing, true. But let’s be honest, the world isn’t fair, wars are still happening (here in our very own backyard to the other side of the archipelago) and women are still limited, even restricted by stereotypes created by society and media.


“Women are weak and emotional…”


In traditional schools, it is instilled upon us that boys are smarter than girls; after all, many of the greats in our history books are men. Women were added for variety, mostly recognized for helping treat this sick or giving motherly advice. Meanwhile, society tells us only men can take on high-powered jobs because women are weak and emotional; we simply can’t make the necessary decisions to thrust a company or a country forward. Media suggests that girls are responsible for their own sexual assaults; ‘bakit ka ba kasi nagpunta dun,’ ‘eh kasi yang suot mo,’ or ‘dapat hinayaan mo nalang’ are common responses to women who dare talk about being catcalled or sexually harassed.


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Yes, women are great homemakers, mothers and wives. But they are capable of being more than what society or media dictates them to be. A woman can be a princess with long, shiny hair and be a ball-busting superhero, too; she can wear the proverbial pants at home, at work or wherever she chooses and still be ultra feminine; she can be whoever and whatever she wants to be—like dress as Superman for Halloween or be kikay, and love math and science.


Women and men need to work together to shake up the status quo and challenge stereotypes that have long been imposed upon women. Here, the most common stereotypes we’ve heard about women, starting at home.



1 At the dining table, after eating, the mom or the girls in the family clean up and wash the dishes while the boys do nothing.

Boy, help your momma wash the dishes or do the cooking next time.


2 In the kitchen, only the girls should cook.

Six words: Anthony Bourdain, Gordon Ramsey, Wolfgang Puck.


3 And if they can’t cook, they can’t get married.

Girl, takeout, ready-made meals, instant stuff—the choices are aplenty. But it does help to learn a few things in the kitchen.



4 On the road, if there’s a slow or incompetent driver, it’s most likely a girl.

We’ve never seen girls drive jeepneys or taxi cabs that slow down in the middle of the road to check for potential passengers. Have you?


5 In school, at the workplace, etc., if a girl is hot or pretty, she’s most likely dumb/stupid/using her looks to get ahead.

Sadly, even girls themselves believe this to be true. But this isn’t a TV show or the movies; IRL, a girl can look good and be smart at the same time. See: 16 Filipino 'Wonder Women' Named, Filipina Among 43 Most Powerful Female Engineers in US, The World's 100 Most Powerful Women In 2017.


6 Also if she likes anything that guys like—cars, video games, sports—she’s probably lesbian.

While this might be true for some, there are women who just enjoy doing the same activities, sports or things that guys do, like driving racecars or winning in a male-dominated sport.


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7 Girls should like pink, have long, flowy hair, speak softly, laugh meekly, cross their legs while seated, not say bad words, etc., etc., etc.

Codes of conduct and norms exist to keep everybody in check (like cross your legs if you’re wearing a skirt); but if the rule doesn’t apply or seems illogical (like pink is just for girls), why should we adhere to it?



8 In relationships, if and when a man cheats, it’s normal; he’s just being a guy. If a girl cheats, she’s a slut/whore/bitch/gold digger, etc.

Cheating is not and will never be okay, whether it’s a man or woman doing the cheating.


Also, guys, being a playboy/fuckboy is not a compliment. It doesn’t add to your masculinity or value as a human being. What it does is make you a really bad person. 


9 Women should want to get married and have kids, otherwise there’s something wrong with them or they will never fulfill their life’s purpose.

Says who? Women were not put on this earth just to serve men and make babies. She can want both and choose to dedicate herself solely to family or want both and keep her awesome job. She can also be married and have lots of dogs instead of kids or want kids but not a husband.


10 Women only like girly drinks because they can’t hold their alcohol.

While alcohol absorption and tolerance are based on biological sex and weight, respectively, this doesn’t mean that women only like girly drinks a.k.a sweet and fruity cocktails. Case in point, Tatum Ancheta, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Drink Manila, is well versed in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.



So enough is enough. We won’t be told to sit down or stand in the sidelines. We’re not going to shut up and take it. And honestly, we’re tired of being mansplained to.


“We’re tired of being mansplained to.”


Sorry, we ain’t sorry. Not even a little bit.