5 of Manila’s Most Trusted Dog Grooming Services For Puppers and Doggos


Only the best for our canine friends!



When it comes to our canine best friends, we tend to get a little finicky. Whether it comes to their diet, their look or their accessories, we only want the best. And why not? To many, dogs are not only our best friends—they’re our kids.



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Vanity Fur

Turning the usually stressful experience of pet grooming into something that is enjoyable for our furry best friends is Vanity Fur. Their affordable yet versatile services range from full-on spa treatments that include everything from haircuts to teeth cleaning to individual and targeted offerings.


Handlers from Vanity Fair seem to all have this dog sense that allows them to calm down even the most rowdy canines, which is probably why the dogs always walk out feeling refreshed, looking great and smelling even better.



Dogs and the City

For dog-owners that are a little more extra, there is Dogs and the City, which is equally just as extra. Not only do they offer all kinds of services to keep your best friend looking sharp, but they also offer clothing for every size of dog and food that will definitely suit any appetite.


The belief of Dogs and the City is that every canine should be treated like family. And this is exactly why they offer practically a million options to show our love for them.


The Dog Spa & Hotel: Expert Dog Grooming Center

Don’t let the name intimidate you, because The Dog Spa & Hotel does offer affordable yet high-quality services for your small (or big) pooch. More importantly, however, they hit the perfect balance of three very important qualities.


The first is that their services are definitely bang for your buck. Next is that their services are done in a clean and safe environment for your dog. The last and most important is that each handler shows a level of empathy and understanding to each pet that they are responsible for.



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The Purple Groom

It’s painful for us dog owners when we request for particular services for our best friends and the handlers cannot or simply refuse to deliver. Fortunately, those that work in the wonderful The Purple Groom are well trained and understand that we know what’s best for our dogs.


Rest assured that your pet will get what you request and will be handled with utmost care. You’ll never have to stress about picking them up because they will be returned to you in the condition that you expect.


Better Dog Canine Behavior Center

We love our pets as they are, but we have to admit that they sometimes need a little disciplining. Better Dog Canine Behavior Center is the first professional dog training facility in the country that helps both owners and dogs. But of course, you can also just leave your lovely doggo for some pampering and beautification.




One of the biggest selling points is that Better Dog has so much space. Your pup won’t be stuck in a small tiny cage with no room to walk around!