Mich Dulce's Video of Her Confronting the Man Who Groped Her Is Giving Us Life


Here’s to eliminating misogyny—one douchebag at a time



Filipino milliner Mich Dulce took to Facebook over the weekend to share her more than unpleasant encounter with a passerby. “So this guy just groped my ass on the street,” she wrote, recounting the incident.



Dulce was at Ringside Bar in Makati at the time shooting a documentary for Coconuts TV. In an interview with Preview Magazine, she said she was “standing outside with her producers when a foreigner walked passed her and brushed his hand against her butt.”


To make matters worse, the American national being accused of the grave offense outdid himself as a proper pervert—opting not to deny his actions, but instead boasted about how his being American equates to being able to do anything he pleases. It appears like this guy missed the memo that abiding by Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” mantra not only makes you a social pariah, but a man-pig. “He walked back and told me to my face that he was an American in the Philippines and that he could grab any ass he wanted,” elaborated Dulce. “I started to film him after screaming at him for a while and he showed no remorse. I'm so pissed off at these entitled fucking assholes.”


You can watch the full video of Mich Dulce’s encounter below:


Ah yes, once again male privilege rears its ugly head. But thankfully, females have learned to adopt a fantastic response: not putting up with the wretched behavior and standing up against misogyny.


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For one thing, follow-ups like “baka lasing lang yan [maybe he’s just drunk]” or “‘wag nalang kasi pansinin [you should just ignore him]” perpetuate the sick, sad culture that allows men to get off the hook after behaving like total jerks. Silence does the same. Another is that if you pay close attention to the type of language used by several spectators, it’s easy to gather that victim blaming is alive and well. The “kasi” inserted in the dialogue subtly places blame in phrases like “ang iksi kasi ng palda” and “bakit ang lapit-lapit mo kasi sa manyak na yun?”


Well then, when are men going to be accountable? For thinking with their dicks? For lacking self-control? For lacking basic human decency?


The answer is now. Women are no longer letting any of this slide.


“He said he lives here. If you have leads on where he works, lives or any information please get in touch,” said Dulce, wrapping up her post, which is now making rounds online. Apart from helping create the dialogue on sexual harassment, she’s coming after the guy; she wants justice (as should all the ladies who have experienced sexual harassment in any way, shape or form).


via Mich Dulce on Facebook


We commend anyone like Miss Mich Dulce here, who choose to stand their ground and have no problem putting misogynistic pigs in their place.


One douchebag at a time, ladies. One douchebag at a time.