10 Benefits Of Being Single


Where our single ladies (and gents) at?



The day will come unexpectedly. It will take you by surprise and you won’t expect it at all. You’ll be eating some adobo and rice when you notice that your relatives are suddenly asking you why you aren’t getting married yet. You’ll suddenly miss the times they would tell you that you’re too young to be dating. You’ll furrow your brows and think of a reason why you enjoy being single—and on the off chance you can’t think of anything, let us step in.


You answer to no one (kind of)

You can let yourself go free. Order that second drink, book that flight to Palawan and get on a bus that will take you to a province you’ve never been to. Do whatever you want within reason. Just don’t be irresponsible. 



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You can eat/watch/see what you want when you want to

When you’re single, there’s no one’s preferences and schedule to consider except your own. You can get in the car and try out that new restaurant for dinner. You can buy a ticket to that movie no one else has the time to see. Do you at your own time without second thoughts.


You become more independent

The world is different when you have to fend for yourself. Sure, you’ll always have your friends and family to turn to, but being single forces you to grow up in a way you can’t when you have someone else to share burdens with—financial or otherwise.


You can meet new people without hesitation

There’s a party going on with tons of new people to meet? RSVP yes with no hesitation. No one will question your motives and you can go guilt-free.


You’re less crazy

Let’s be honest here. No matter how relaxed you are with your SO, there’s still the tendency to go crazy. Do yourself a favor and remind yourself to enjoy the lack of jealousy and paranoia in your life.



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You get to save

No gifts to buy, no dinners-for-two to shoulder and no second ticket to pay for.


You’ll figure out what you actually want

When you’re single, you have no one’s judgement to cloud your thoughts. You can internalize every cross road and settle on a decision that you’ve reached completely on your own.


You get time alone

Everyone needs a breather once in a while. And when you’re single, there’s no need to explain why you’re looking for that time alone.


You can be selfish

Been offered that promotion you always wanted but will consume more of your time? Asked to attend a weeks-long training session that’s out of the country? Say yes without an ounce of reluctance.


There’s an entire world out there to support you

Being single technically means being alone, but you actually aren’t. There is an entire world out there to support you and you can all laugh at the “struggles” of being single together. Visit pages like Blog Ni Tunay Na Pag-Ibig to remind yourself of why you’re holding out on real love or Single Goals when you need proof that there are joys to singlehood.


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Really, whoever said you need a man/woman to complete you anyway? It’s 2017, guys.