10 Of The Most Popular Period Myths Debunked


Time to get re-educated



With the amount of information that’s been thrown at us since puberty, it’s hard to keep track of what’s real and what isn’t. And when you add in how far science has gotten and how many facts it has rewritten over the years, it’s like we need a roadmap to get to any real details.


But here it is. These are the biggest period myths debunked, once and for all.



Hormones cause syncs in menstruation cycles.

We know you’ve heard it said that women who spend a lot of time together eventually get their cycles synced. And while there are instances, science says there is no hard proof and that it is just coincidental. Countless studies have been done on this, but the results have been inconsistent. It’s all just a numbers game because you will eventually get your period at the same time as your sister.


You shouldn’t swim in the ocean while on your period because sharks.

It’s true that sharks are attracted to blood, which is why this particular myth has been around for generations. But there’s actually a 9:1 ratio between males and females when it comes to shark attacks—so your period is unlikely to be relevant here.


Your period stops while you’re in water.

This is a debate in technicality. The water will stop your flow from actually exiting your body, but this doesn’t mean that your actual period has stopped. Once you step out of the water, you’ll immediately realize this.


It’s best to avoid rigorous workouts.

If you can get over the discomfort of working out during your time of the month, there’s no reason to avoid hitting the gym or studio. In fact, studies show that 150 minutes of moderate workouts or 75 minutes of rigorous exercises can actually help curb cramps.



Sex is a no-no.

The only reason not to have sex while you have your period is the mess and potential awkward situation. But when it comes to being safe, intercourse while on your period has no unhealthy bearing.


You can’t get pregnant.

While it isn’t unhealthy to have sex while on your period, do not rely on the misconception that you can’t get pregnant while you’re bleeding. You can definitely conceive because while your uterus is shedding its lining, sperm can live for 3-5 days.


Menstrual cycles last 28 days.

On average, women’s menstrual cycles last 28 days—but this totally depends on the individual. Some have a longer cycle and some have it shorter.


Period blood is dirty blood. 

Having your period is not your body’s way of cleansing itself. It’s your standard vaginal excretions mixed in with a little bit of blood—which sounds a little unnerving—but in no way should you ever consider it dirty.


You can lose a tampon in there.

Girls, if you use tampons, chances are you’ve had to unconventionally pull it out at one point or another. But you can rest on the fact that it can never get lost inside of you. Your cervix is at the base of your uterus and it prevents anything you put in there from getting too far in.


PMS is a self-fulfilling excuse.

PMS is real and is not some tired excuse for feeling too much in too short a time frame. Throughout your cycle, your hormones are constantly changing and the varying levels of estrogen and progesterone are the reason behind the irritability, fatigue, cramping and most everything else. And while there are ways to minimize PMS, it is definitely legitimate. So sorry, boys, but it’s time to stop blaming us and asking us to “act normal.”




But remember that while most things can be explained, it’s best to consult your health provider for things that feel particularly unusual. Better safe than sorry, ladies!