15 Things We Forget To Be Thankful For


Time to show a little gratitude #SayThankYou



From the time before we could even really understand words, we were taught to say thank you. Someone give you a bottle of milk? Say thanks. Someone help with your homework? Say thanks. Ending an email? Sign off with a thank you.


There is no denying that we know what to say and how to say it. But we would also be lying if we claimed we always say thanks when we should.


When you find a seat on the bus during your commute home.

Because it lets you rest after the day is done.



When ate gives you more ulam without you asking.

Because food is life.


When what you’re craving for is on the lunch menu.

Because satisfaction is key after a meal.


When the elevator goes straight to your desired floor.

Especially when you’re trying to catch a meeting.



When you finish your work before the battery on your laptop dies.

Admit it, you’re too lazy to get up and charge it.


When the radio DJ says the title of a song you just fell in love with

Because that means you don’t have to Google-search the lyrics.


When someone genuinely smiles at you.

Because it makes you smile too :)


When everything you need fits in one bag.

Since no one ever enjoys carrying two things at once.


When the rain stops just as you’re about to leave the office.

Because it means your feet will stay dry.


When you make the green light.

Because it honestly gives you a rush.



When Netflix suggests the perfect movie.

Since it feeds your couch potato tendencies.


When Spotify suggests the perfect song.

Because no one likes the end of a good sound-trip.


When coffee actually keeps you up.

That’s what coffee is for!


When your orders come just as you start to feel the hungry.

Because it makes you believe in destiny.


When you’ve finished work and it’s also quitting time.

Because you know timing is everything. 




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