5 Reasons Why You Should Never Force Yourself To Be Happy


Let’s stop the fakery, shall we?



In a society where it’s easy to fake anything—from vacations to money and news to relationships—happiness is one thing we should never put up a façade of. For some reason, we’ve all become so accustomed to sharing all the good that we try to hide everything and anything negative that goes on in our lives. We’ve built a society where positivity is the only acceptable state of mind and it isn’t helping anyone.


So here is exactly why you should save yourself from that.


You’re only lying to yourself

When you post that selfie of you on vacation with a caption that reads #blessed, but you’re actually having an awful time. Yeah, you’re only lying to yourself. You may be fooling everyone that hits that like button, but you’re the one who has to live your life beyond that tiny smartphone screen.



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It only adds to the baggage you have to live with

Whenever you put off dealing with a bad feeling, you’re only adding to the weight you have to carry with you everywhere. Ignoring something doesn’t make it magically disappear. Instead, you’re left with a bigger bag to lug around with you—and who the hell wants that extra baggage? It’s heavy and you’re better off without it.


Everything will blow up eventually

That bag labeled “negative feelings” will break eventually. Its seams will pop and everything will seep out. It will happen gradually at first, before its contents just start to spill out like a waterfall. Soon you’ll find yourself unable to keep things together and reality will come crashing down.


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You’ll stop finding value in the things that you do

When you fake the happiness from your work and relationships, everything surrounding it will eventually lose all value. Had dinner out with your SO and got that candlelit shot to post on social media? Suddenly the meal and the conversation won’t seem as important as the number of likes you get or the number of gushing comments people leave on your feed.


You’ll never get over it

If you refuse to face things as they come, you fail to give yourself the opportunity to move on from them. The more you force yourself to focus on the positive and lighter things in life, the more you distance yourself from what needs closure.




So when you’re sad, be sad. When you’re angry, be angry. Do it for you because no one else will. The happiness will (genuinely) come after.