7 Things You Should Never Apologize For


Give yourself a break sometimes!



Let’s be honest: The world is sensitive. There are people that fall within all ends, corners and swivels of every opinion-spectrum. You have your extreme liberals and extreme conservatives and even those that fall in the middle have their own strong opinions. But no matter what other people think, there are just some things you should never ever say sorry for.



Choosing to have kids (or not)

Humanity has gotten far in terms of acceptance, but there are choice people that will still look down on you for choosing not to have kids, having them too early, having them too late, not having enough or having too many. Seriously, it’s your body and it’s your life. It’s your hands their lives will be on (should you opt to have kids) and it’s your responsibility to decide what would be best for everyone – including yourself.


Choosing your career or chasing your passion

On one hand, people say to chase your passion. On the other, you know you need to make a living. And whether or not you choose to struggle for your craft or work a desk job, you should never feel guilty for it.


Treating yourself

Your money is your money. If you’ve saved up enough to buy yourself a designer bag or new mags for your car, then go buy it.



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Forgiving someone

When you choose to forgive someone, you’re doing it for yourself as much as the person you’re forgiving. So no matter how dumb, disrespectful or outright disgusting the thing they did you is, if you’re ready to let go, then let it go. Don’t let someone else’s opinion on the matter bring you back to that dark place.


Liking something

We may not all be open about our secret guilty pleasures, but this doesn’t mean we should ever apologize for having them. So what if you’re 25 and still listen to the Jonas Brothers? So what if you’re 15 and like watching old black and white movies? You’re not hurting anyone.


Starting over

If there’s any point in your life where you know that you aren’t in the right place anymore, never forget that there’s always a way to turn back. Been in a relationship that’s lasted years but you suddenly can’t take it anymore? End it. On a career path that no longer gives you satisfaction? Switch it up.


Saying no

Whatever it is you don’t want, don’t feel guilty for saying no. This applies to free drinks, free rides and even the smart, nice and generous people that are interested you. If you don’t want it, say so and walk away.



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When it all comes down to it, you should never apologize for something that you do for yourself - especially if it doesn’t hurt anyone else.