The Return of the Droids


Imperial troopers vs. Resistance fighters, mercenaries vs. bounty hunters, Jedi vs. Sith lords—these characters define the Star Wars™ universe. However, fate in the galaxy is sometimes determined by a small, useful, and loyal astro droid.


R2-D2 is arguably the most famous droid in Star Wars. Now we have a challenger, BB-8. Let's see who gets the spot for being the best droid in the galaxy!


Rolling in from the blue corner is an R2-series astromech droid. He appeared in all seven Star Wars films, as well as numerous episodes in the animated series. Standing at 0.96 meters and weighing 32 kilograms, he hails from the sovereign system of Naboo.


The reigning, defending droid champion of the Star Wars galaxy: R2-D2!

Coming in from the red corner is a new astromech droid. He debuts in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, seen vigorously rolling on a desert planet. Standing at 0.67 meters, he has become famous for his unique ball-body. Presenting the challenger droid: BB-8!


So who will it be? The classic R2-D2 or the new BB-8? Let's find out!



With his cylindrical body and domed head, R2-D2 has white and blue panels that house all of his devices. A look so famous, mail boxes and even airplane wraps were built in dedication to him. BB-8 has a domed head similar to R2-D2, but it's balanced over a round body. It resembles both a letter B and the number 8, probably the reason why it's called BB-8. We've never seen anything like it!

Winner: BB-8. Fans are just astounded. J.J. Abrams may have just designed a new droid that can match up with the adorable R2-D2.



Famous for unexpectedly pulling out previously unseen devices at critical moments, R2-D2 has become a starfighter droid, a soldier for the Republic and the Resistance, and even a waiter for Jabba the Hutt. BB-8 is also a starfighter droid based from what we've seen in the trailers. And it looks like he could be a stealthy lookout for our new heroes!

Winner: R2-D2. In Star Wars: Episode III The Revenge of the Sith, did you see him activate all his devices at the bridge of General Grievous' ship so he, Anakin, and Obi-Wan can escape captivity? Loud, scary, and awesome.



Rolling on three legs, R2-D2 has difficulty handling rough terrain. In Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, he lagged behind Anakin and Padmé on the stairs. However, he can fly for a short time using his two small rocket boosters. BB-8 has his unique ball-body that makes him a fast-moving all-terrain droid. He can probably go up and down stairs easily by just rolling over it. The possibilities of what he can do will really stump our imagination.

Winner: BB-8. How fast do you think he can go to outrun (or attack) his enemies?



R2-D2 greatly influenced Star Wars history. In one episode of the Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series, Anakin mobilized entire armies just to find him. He also carried information for the rebels to defeat the Empire. For BB-8, it's too early to tell. But if an astro droid can influence history, BB-8 could be as important as R2-D2 in this period and the new droid will probably make a significant impact as well.

Winner: R2-D2. He was always there to save the day.



Funny, ingenious, brave, and loyal. These qualities make R2-D2 one of the most lovable characters in science fiction. He's a symbol of joy, not just on the Star Wars galaxy but on ours as well. BB-8 most-likely has the same qualities as R2-D2. But if he can surprise us with his fun rolling body, there's probably something in him that'll surprise us even more.

Winner: R2-D2 has been seen and proven but we sure look forward to know who BB-8 really is. Perhaps After we watch Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, we'll find out who wins this round.



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