Why Nick Jonas is Every Girl's Wet Dream


Those…arms, that gaze and his NSFW lyrics


Because that puppy dog-man gaze can cause you to melt like butter


LYWC (Last Year Was Complicated) will tell you he’s a sensitive guy. His latest album will give you an idea of what it’s like if he was your man, too

“You know I love your skin, but it's much deeper than that
And gotta thank you for it, for showin' me all of you”—Good Girls



And that he loves to brunch, just like you


“The one thing I love more than being with you and that's”—Bacon



And that he’s not afraid to tell the world when he’s had his heartbroken, but without being a complete a-hole



Because his style is—🔥



Because those anaconda arms will keep you safe…



…Like this



Anybody else getting thirsty?



Shirtless or fully clothed, we’ll take a boyfriend like Nick J, especially one that looks good in uniform