5 Things To Get You Pumped Up for Indoor Cycling


Get into the spin of things and experience a full body workout that’s for every body


Even if you don’t know how to ride a bicycle, you can still do indoor cycling. You don't even need shoes for this workout. Kristina Sy, the CEO and instructor at Electric Studio, tells us more about this fitness craze sweeping the metro.


Full body exercise.

“The Electric Studio workout is one of the most efficient exercise programs that target the entire body. All our classes include cardio, weights and resistance training,” says Sy. Carefully selected movements work the entire body in less than an hour: upper leg muscle groups (quads, hams and glutes) as well as lower leg muscle groups (calves) are put to work with each pedal stroke. The upper body (arms and shoulders, upper/lower back, chest and core) gets special attention, too, and adding weights to these movements compounds results.




For every body.

This workout is for all fitness levels. “We believe that fitness is not limited by age, gender, or fitness background. All you need is the right mindset,” she adds.


Can-do attitude.

“In Electric Studio, we ride together leaving no one behind. That energy of ‘We can do this’ is a rare benefit that is in every single one of our rides,” says Sy.


Sacred space.

You can shut out the outside world in this fitness sanctuary for riders. It’s an ideal place to re-focu, and find purpose, strength and motivation. “Everything we put into class has a [meaning], from the music, the lights and overall atmosphere,” explains Sy.





There are many reasons why indoor cycling is special to riders. For some, it is about reaping the benefits of a great workout while others say it’s about being part of a fitness family.


So pack your socks, a water bottle, your sense of determination, and lots of energy and get ready to ride the town.


Drop by Electric Studio at 2/F 8 Forbes Town Road, The Fort, BGC, Taguig or book a class and call (2) 833 6052, (917) 8438424. Follow them on IG, FB, Snap Chat: @teamelectricph.