A Run For Your Money: 5 Premium Apps Worth Buying


While it’s easy to find free apps for your #fitnessgoals, it’s the paid ones that really give you a bang for your buck and the waistline of your dreams. Check out these five premium running apps worth paying for


Runkeeper Go


Runkeeper Go is the premium version of Runkeeper, one of the more familiar faces in the US fitness scene. While the basic Runkeeper app gives you a place to store your stats and track your progress, a subscription to Runkeeper Go’s services gives you just about everything you need to keep you happy during cardio session. Runkeeper Go gives weather updates, training plans, live tracking services and progress insights. It also lets you run Spotify while on your program. It’s a coach, training partner and personal assistant—all in one useful app.


A monthly subscription to RunKeeper Go costs P464 a month and P1856 for an annual subscription. Available for iOS and Android


Couch to 5K


Are you glued to your couch? Then the Couch to 5K program might just be your new best friend. Users start with a prescribed three-day, twenty-minute brisk walk/jog program for the first week. Once you’ve completed the that program, you move on to a program of a similar duration that forces you to focus more on jogging. The goal is to reach the ninth week of the program, during which the user is expected to be able to cover 5 kilometers in 30 minutes of jogging, three days a week. Up for the challenge?


Couch to 5K is available on Itunes App Store and Google Play Store for P94.73. Available for iOS and Android




Foothpath is a neat little app for iOS that lets you plan and track your route for the day’s run. Footpath gives you access to a map of your destination and lets you draw your path onto the virtual map. Fitness enthusiasts blessed with the hunger for exploration, but not so much with a sense of direction need not worry. This app is perfect not just for runners looking to jog around new territory, but also for cyclists and hikers.


Foothpath is available on the Itunes App Store for P46. Available for iOS




Based on the popular McMillian Running Calculator, McRun is an app for those who put on running shoes to compete. McRun not only lets users track their running stats, but also predicts their performance for their next race by analyzing stats from their previous races. While it isn’t exactly what the average Joe or Jane needs, McRun is for athletes of any sport or those just making the jump into an athletic life.


McRun is available on the Itunes App Store and Google Play Store for P222.83. Available for iOS and Android


Spotify Running Premium


Of course, no workout session is complete without tunes to get your blood flowing. A subscription to Spotify’s Premium service gives you 24/7 access to workout playlists put together by other fitness buffs around the world, with no random ads to break your concentration. If you can’t find the right playlist for you, you can make your own. Chill beats for a Sunday afternoon jog or gangsta rap to power you through that uphill sprint? Yes, please.


Spotify Premium is only P129 a month or get it with mobile internet, too for as low as P20 for one day of unlimited musicSpotify Running can be downloaded here