6 Health and Fitness Apps to Download Now


If you are a busy bee who can’t find time to squeeze in a drive to the gym, or you are hesitant to cash out for memberships and workout session fees, resorting to your smartphone might be your next step to achieving your #bodygoals. Easy to use, interactive, and in more affordable (sometimes free) options, these fitness apps will fast turn into your best workout buddy.


1 Strava Running and Cycling


Running and cycling are the top fitness craze today, and if you’ve got yourself buried in these trends, then you would want to download this Strava app to keep track of your progress in terms of distance, speed, calories burned, and time. For easy tracking, Strava breaks everything down into graphs and numbers. Tada! 


2 MyFitnessPal


Still one of the top fitness apps in the world, MyFitnessPal has more than six million food items in its database to help its users personalize diet, whether it be for losing weight, building muscles, or just tracking down calorie and sugar itnake. This app is inevitable as diet and nutrition is an inevitable factor in getting fit and healthy.


3 Endomondo


Fed up with your cardio routine? Tap on Endomondo and key in your goals in running, cycling, and walking so its virtual trainer can help you reach your goal numbers. While beating your record is a great feat, have more fun by challenging other Endomondo users to a number.


4 Daily Yoga


Can’t find zen? Need to relax and loosen up? Try a class on Daily Yoga, an app which offers over 500 high-definition videos of yoga tutorial. Just invest in a good yoga mat and workout clothes and you’re good to go! 


5 Spotify Running


This matches your preferred pace in running, plus, it boosts your mood with a library of upbeat music. It’s time you discover other ways Spotify is doing your life(style) good. 


6 SideChef


Diet food deliveries can cost you quite a lot. If you’re looking to cutting expenses but still want a healthy diet, then it’s time you cook your own food. SideChef not only provides recipes fit for your weight and nutrition goals, it does so in step-by-step voice commands. Easy, hassle-free, and yummy!