Triathlon - Taking the First Step!


Get your adrenaline pumping in a competitive, but friendly, arena: the triathlon. Here’s what it takes.


A lot of people like swimming, biking or running. But to amp up the fitness factor, there is the triathlon, which quite a lot of people have been joining too. More than just a combination of three very physical sports, it involves a lot of commitment and mental motivation to stick to see it through. We spoke to Sandee Molato, member of Praetorian Triathlon Team, and learned the following.



Start off.

If you decide to take the first step, enroll in a class or attend a seminar that will teach you (or refresh you on) the foundations of swimming, biking, and running. Once you know the basics, you'll know how serious you'd like to be in the sport as to what races to join, what equipment to purchase, and what nutrition plan to follow.


Molato suggests, “Training with a team may give you that push to be a better triathlete.”


Tip of the iceberg.

A lot of work goes into preparing for a triathlon. There are the many, long hours of training. You need to be committed not only physically—this also means committing to training.


Mind over matter.

It is important to be in the right frame of mind before the race. Molato describes, “Focus, mindset, and dedication. Personally, while training, I try to imagine myself in the race to motivate myself.”


Be aware.

Some of the mishaps that can happen is that someone panics in the swim, gets a flat tire (on the bike), or gets a cramp during the race.


Unity in diversity.

If you think triathletes are just of a certain mold: think again! A wide variety of individuals—from teenagers to senior citizens—engage in it.


At the finish.

“The fulfillment is when I finish a race and seeing my friends and teammates cross the line, too,” Sandee says.




The triathlon community in the Philippines is small and friendly. During races, it is not uncommon to see familiar faces who encourage each other to finish.



You must be financially prepared for the sport. You need to hire a coach to ensure that you are training right, purchase the right equipment, and stick to a proper nutrition plan. But, Molato stresses, “Buying the most expensive equipment doesn't mean you'll win the race. It's how you train.”