Games That Will Keep You In Shape


It’s time to turn those stat gains into real gains


While playing video games can be a lot of fun and, depending on the game, sharpen the mind, it doesn’t do much  for one’s health. Luckily, with these games, you can hit two birds with one stone: get your game on and your pounds off.


1. Fitness Games: Wii Fit, EA Sports Active

First of all, exercise video games exist. Facing a virtual personal trainer, these games take you out of the couch and into various exercises, including yoga and strength training. Both Wii Fit and EA Sports Active track how many calories you lose and offer different exercises every week. The best part, the Wii-mote is the only exercise equipment you’ll need.


2. Wii Sports

There may be other, lesser-known variations out there, but Wii Sports is special because it’s a game that lets you experience playing sports as if you were out on the field. Using the Wii-mote, the game allows you to go through the motions of baseball, bowling, tennis and other sports as mini video games. Play it with friends and watch as each of you sweat it out for several minutes per mini-game. People will say it’s not quite the same as real sports, but at least Wii Sports make it more fun.


3. Dancing Games: Dance Dance Revolution, Just Dance, Everybody Dance

Aerobic dances can burn up to 443 calories per hour—more than jogging—and games like Just Dance will be enjoyable enough for you to keep on moving and grooving for hours without noticing how long you’ve been sweating. Dancing games are aplenty, but the concept for each is almost the same throughout: you and your friends follow a choreographed dance. But some have a storyline that involves dancing your way into saving the world! There’s a lot of songs as well as dance types to choose from, so you’ll never run out of options.


4. Mobile Games: Nike +, Pokemon Go

Running and jogging may be alright on their own. But with gaming apps like Nike+, you can gain some motivating virtual rewards for doing so. Track your progress in on Nike + and share your results on social media. Here, you'll see if you're leading the board or falling off your game. Meanwhile, Pokemon Go forces you to go outside and take a walk with the help of its GPS-inclined interface. And if spending more time outdoors means better chances of getting rare Pokemon then consider us sold!


5. Any Game, Really

The idea of gamification is to inject game-like rewards and systems to the mundane. Doing push ups feel like a chore? Think of them as you raising your strength stat. Eating healthy not your thing? That’s valuable Hit Points you’re wasting. By giving yourself rewards to aims for—even though they’re imaginary—you can find the motivation you may not have had before. The result? A healthier you, so it’s always a win-win situation.