Just How Did Zac Efron Get His Magnificent Bod?


More importantly, how do we get our boyfriends to copy him?



Happy Birthday, Zac Efron! It’s been ten years since High School Musical and the soft-looking silky-voiced 18-year old is now suddenly a man, and a hunk of one, too. It’s not like it happened overnight, but still, I’m sure the jaws of every member of the female race collectively dropped when he debuted his brand new bod in Neighbors. Now, with Dirty Grandpa, Neighbors 2, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, and the upcoming Baywatch movie, Zac’s abs are reaching perfection.


So how did he achieve this physical masterpiece? More importantly, how do we force our boyfriends to copy him?


His Diet Gained Him Weight

This might seem weird to most of us who are actively ignoring the cheesecake we could be having, but Zac actually tried to lay on the pounds. He was already quite muscular but still pretty lean in Neighbors, so to gain the mass he needed for his role in Baywatch, he would eat roughly 6 meals a day. Remember though that it’s still a diet: food was specifically chosen to achieve the desired effect. He gave up junk foods that have a lot of calories but no nutrients, and kept gorging on protein-heavy foods such as eggs and unprocessed meats. All of the calories went into fueling his heavy exercise routine, while the protein built up the glorious muscles he now has.



Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Of course, Zac also had a rigorous exercise routine that kept him busy every day. Perfection, after all, is not achieved without hard work and perseverance. His workout routine involved two important components: high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training. HIIT is the most efficient way to do cardio and involves alternating between doing repetitions at a moderate pace, then suddenly cranking up the speed. Strength training on the other hand involves lifting weights and pushing muscles to the limit, forcing them to gain bulk as they recover. For the abs, it’s the HIIT that burns away the fat that hides the abdominal muscles, and the strength and core training that makes those packs pop.



Never Have Cheat Days

While celebrities are always impressing us with their sudden 180-degree turn to fitness, the truth is that it takes a lot of effort and discipline. In Zac’s case, it was very much a part of his job and enhancing his workout is just one of the many things he does to prepare for his roles. The reason celebrities seem to be able to do it with ease is because they take it very seriously and know that it’s as much a part of their profession as studying scripts is nowadays. Their bodies, after all, are the medium through which they do their art. Us, on the other hand, just want the rewards and none of the work.The best advice of all is to be consistent with your diet and exercise, and if we have to nag our men to get them to remember, so be it. The results, as Zac shows, will be worth it.






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