Cut These Foods Out Of Your Life If you Want To Live Longer


Some favorite foods may not be worth it in the long run



One of the biggest factors towards not only living longer, but also living healthier is diet. Having the right food in your daily diet reduces risk for diseases and keeps you running in top form even during your extended latter years. The wrong food on the other hand can do a lot of damage that adds up over the years.


1. Processed meats

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Everyone eats processed meats, even knowing how bad they are for our body. The thing is, despite their lack of nutritional value and an increased risk of cancer, processed meats are just too convenient to pass up. They are cheap, store well, are simple to cook and pair easily with a Filipino staple: white rice. Healthier and equally-cheap options exist, however, if you’re willing to give them a try. Canned tuna doesn’t contain as many preservatives as, say, corned beef and hotdogs, but are just as delicious a viand. Hummus is also a great meat alternative and can be found in most stores nowadays, though it is an acquired taste. Finally, you can’t go wrong with replacing meats with versatile eggs in your diet.


2. Soda

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Soda seems to be a staple drink among Filipinos, but maybe it’s time to give up the bottle. Sodas contain a lot of bad things: a huge amount of artificial sweeteners and sugars, corrosive acids, and more caffeine than is healthy. It’s the caffeine that makes soda particularly addictive, though it’s the sugar that will likely kill you. There just isn’t anything good in soda apart from the barest amount of water it takes to make the concoction. In fact, Soda doesn’t even help much against dehydration. If all you’re really looking for is something sweet and refreshing to fill a glass of ice, why not switch to fruit juice or chocolate milk?


3. Fast Food

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This is a tough one to give up. On the bright side though, we’re not saying you should give up all fast food. Studies show that fast food isn’t directly negative for your body and whenever people claim that fast food has wrecked their lives, it’s usually a case of improper portioning. You can just as easily eat the wrong amounts of food—even fruits and vegetables—and find yourself unhealthy. The problem with fast food is that servings will contain a lot of sugar, salt and unhealthy fat with very little nutritional value so you’ll feel full, but your body won’t have gotten enough of what it needs. The solution here is of course in the proportions. So long as you eat something nutrient-dense (liver, beans, veggies) with your drive-through, you can continue to enjoy it.


4. Alcohol

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This last one may be the toughest for some of us. Here’s the bad news: alcohol can damage your liver and pancreas, are full of empty calories (especially beer) and might put you at greater risks for accidents. Here’s the good news: Alcohol also reduces stress, can increase heart health in moderation (a glass of red wine every night), and even reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia. That means too much drinking will cut your lifespan (almost as much as smoking will), but not drinking at all also has a negative effect. The solution? Drink! But not too much. A few beers a week with friends, or a small glass of wine before bed should be just enough to keep you happy without risking your health. You’ll know it’s too much if you start not remembering how you got home last night.