This All-Beyoncé Workout Playlist Will Get You In Shape Like The Queen


Her music isn’t just fabulous, it also makes for the perfect soundtrack for fitness fabulosity


It doesn’t look like it, but Beyoncé just hit her mid 30s this week and yet she’s still at the top of her game. So if you want to keep yourself in shape, you can’t go wrong letting the Queen guide you to the body of your dreams.


Ring the Alarm (2006)


First things first: Get your butt out of bed. Beyonce starts her day as early as 6AM to meditate, but you’re in this for the sweat. Set your alarm to this track and the next thing you know, you’re in your jogging pants doing your fourth lap.


7/11 (2014)


Styled after our own Gab Valenciano’s viral “super selfie” videos, 7/11 is all about cutting loose. Despite being one of the biggest stars in the world and living a busy life, Beyoncé can still let her hair down whenever she pleases. For a workout song, it certainly doesn’t hurt that the lyrics kind of describe a weird yet fun workout.


Countdown (2011)


Four songs in and we still haven’t been able to stop dancing. For best results, watch this song’s music video before using it to exercise—Beyoncé’s limitless energy is infectuous. Plus, Bey counting down from ten makes for the funkiest rep counting you’re ever likely to get.


Lose My Breath (2004)


Before she was just Beyoncé, Mrs. Knowles-Carter was part of the unforgettable Destiny’s Child. It was here that she honed her talents and became a household name. As the group matured, they all went solo with Beyoncé becoming the biggest star. It seems no one can keep up with the Queen.


Love On Top (2011)


As you cool down from today’s routine, this track will remind you who’s had your back this entire time—Beyoncé. This playlist aside, if you’re a Bee fan then for sure at least one of her songs has gotten you through tough times. Truth is, Beyoncé draws as much inspiration from her fans as we do from her.


Never forget that it takes more than a day to make a Queen. Now, keep at it!