We’re Debunking These Common Workout Myths


People are always looking for ways to optimize their exercise routines, but are those workout techniques really as effective as people believe?


What discourages most people from maintaining a good fitness routine is not getting the results they want fast enough. Whether it’s to lose 10kg or gain six-pack abs in record time, many are willing to cut corners and use shortcuts that supposedly optimize one's routine. But do they really work?


Crunches Will Give You A Six-Pack

For someone new to exercising, doing crunches to gain a six-pack may seem intuitive. Exercise the region you want to tone, right? The reason why most people don’t have carved out ab muscles is because of the layer of fat covering them. To get rid of your built-in fanny pack, you need good cardio exercises that burn fat. You can even kill two birds with one stone and incorporate planks or other full-body exercises into your routine to strengthen core and burn fat.


Yoga Is For Losing Weight

Yoga is an ancient meditation and stretching discipline that goes in and out of style as a form of exercise every few years. Yoga is a very mature practice and more than just a fitness routine, it is also a way of life that has proven to be very effective at what it does. What it does, however, is grant the practitioner increased flexibility, balance, strength and peace of mind. In terms of actual calorie burning, you would get more bang for your buck from jogging. But if your goal is to get strong then you can’t go wrong with Yoga.


You Always Need Sports Drinks

Every sports drink ad says that they replenish all-important electrolytes lost when working up a sweat. While replenishing minerals after an intense workout is certainly important, you don’t actually lose that much if all you’re doing is a light jog. Low-intensity exercises don't cause you to sweat enough to need anything more than water. The calories in manufactured sports drinks may even offset what you burn.


Weightlifting Is Enough To Build Muscle

Weightlifting and other similar exercises that target specific muscles can make you stronger. But building bulk is another story. Ask any bodybuilder and they’ll confirm that gaining mass is actually the more difficult half of bodybuilding. In conjunction with exercise, larger muscles require more calories—not less. Serious bodybuilders eat large, carefully-proportioned meals to maximize their protein intake while exercising enough to burn off unnecessary fats. So if you want to get “swole” you can eat—it’s part of the process.


You Will Be Judged At The Gym

It can be intimidating being the chubby beginner in a room full of people who know exactly how much they need to lift. The truth, however, is that every gym regular was once as out of shape as you might be. In a gym, there is no judgment—only a communal effort to find discipline and respect health. So the next time you step into a gym, don’t be afraid of making a mistake. It’s more likely that the local gym rats will be more than willing to help you out.