4 Ways to Wait Out Heavy Traffic in Makati and Have Fun


Because good things in life can still be free



In Metro Manila, people don't ask about the weather for small talk. They ask about the traffic. But for those in Makati, they don't even ask about the traffic anymore. They talk about what you can do while waiting for the traffic to become manageable enough that finding a ride home at a lower fare becomes possible. Your colleagues might consider hanging out at a restaurant or a bar to kill time, but that would mean spending more money. However, that doesn't have to be the case anymore. There are more than enough free activities to do in Makati while waiting the heavy traffic out:



1. Film Showings at Alliance Française or Instituto Cervantes

The cultural and language institutes of both the French government and the Spanish government have free film showings every week at their respective buildings. The mandate of these institutions is to promote their culture and language to Filipinos and others living in the city. They showcase French- and Spanish-language films with English subtitles.


A scene from the movie Paris, J’taime. Get the film schedules of Alliance Française's Ciné Club here, and Instituto Cervantes's screenings here.


2. Makati Runner's Club

For an hour every Tuesday, runners gather at the Ayala Triangle on Paseo de Roxas and, well, run. Passing the time exercising is the best way to spend your evening. It certainly beats spending money to chill at Starbucks and loading up on calories you need to burn anyway. The typical routine includes stretches, warm-ups, the endurance training itself, cool down, some strengthening exercises and the finishing stretches. If you think this is a group for only the most hardcore runners, don't worry. They have beginner, intermediate and advance groups. You get to run at your own pace but still learn from the best. (Yes, running is still something you need to learn, as you'll soon find when you participate.)



3. Philippine Lightsaber Guild

I know what you're thinking and I'm not suggesting you swear allegiance to the Force—although if you want to, do so by all means. Members of the Philippine Lightsaber Guild gather frequently at the Legazpi Park near Greenbelt. The park itself is a great (and safe) place to kill time and it becomes extra entertaining when the Jedi come out to practice their swordsmanship. Bring a camera, or even just a smartphone and practice your low-light photography skills.


Pro-tip: That moment when you're about to capture an awesome moment and your phone dies. It sucks, we know. Make sure this never happens with this super sleek powerbank.



4. Ukulele Meetups at the Collective

Since the opening of a new ukulele shop, ukulele players frequent the Collective on Malugay Street. On most Fridays, you can catch ukulele players jamming and having fun. The jam sessions can last pretty long, sometimes reaching the early morning. Yup, no gate charges; just music for you to enjoy.







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