4 Best Spots in the City to Think About Your Ex(es)


Only a stiff drink will understand what you’re going through


We may be wrong, but nothing goes better with red-faced reminiscing about your flings and flames than a hard drink. Or two.


Now, what if you have to call up each one of them to tell them that you’ve just been diagnosed with chlamydia, and that they should probably get checked, too? Okay, bartender, make it three.


That’s the intriguing, cringing premise behind British sitcom Lovesick, which was initially broadcast in Britain with the absolutely ballsy title Scrotal Recall. The title may have been toned down a little, but the sex-life Schadenfreude remains intact as the series moves to Netflix. And if you ever (knock on wood) find yourself in the same straits as hapless hero Dylan, we recommend that you take stock of your love life in these bars. They’ll welcome your sorry ass with open arms.


For when you really need a stiff drink: LIT Manila


Trust us: the best thing to drown the hot shame of sleeping with—and then breaking up with—an old college flame is a glass of whisky. The Japanese have slowly perfected the art of making fine malt whiskeys that absolutely hit the spot and there’s no better place to have, say, a glass of Hibiki than this bar in Serendra. Choose from their impressive selection and glumly nurse your drink through the night. Your taste in liquors may have improved through the years, but your taste in flings definitely has not.


LIT Manila is at G/F Serendra, Bonifacio Global City


For when you need to dance the night away: Ocean’s Telephone Co.


Remember that time when you and an ex made out in a club and everyone started clapping and whistling around you? Of course not; everything and everyone in your walwalan past has receded into a hazy blur. Recall your dancing days on a Friday night at this impossibly hip speakeasy, located behind a telephone booth on the top floor of a diner. Down one of their signature cocktails, then hit the dance floor. Remember, we said reminisce, not re-enact.


Ocean’s Telephone Co. is located at 2/F Burgos Park, Forbestown Road cor. 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City


For when you need to eat your feelings: Aysee


Think hard on all those occasions you’ve led someone on in the vain hope of getting inside their pants. Wallow in your shame and sorrow with a smoking hot plate of sisig, a steaming bowl of papaitan, extra rice and several bottles of local beer (or craft beer, whichever you prefer). Relish the cholesterol. After all, you’ve proven how careless you are with hearts—now it’s time to do the same with yours.


Aysee is at St. Martin Street, Oranbo, Pasig


For when only music can express what you’re feeling: Mow’s


There are times when only music can understand the soul-crushing depths of your love life. In fact, if you could only distill all the pain of your former relationships into a potent concentration of chords, you’ll probably come up with a decent song or two. Unfortunately, so many other people have already done this so much better than you ever will—so head to this bar, listen to a set or two from the city’s most talented indie acts, and try, try to feel better about your life.


Mow’s is at Kowloon House Basement, 20 Matalino Street, Quezon City  






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