Limited-Time Fast Food Orders We Wish Were Year-Round


Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but it leaves us with unsatisfied stomachs



For whatever reason, fast food places seem to enjoy watching us crave for their delicious but limited-time dishes. We jump up the second we hear they’re available again or we’re forever left wishing they would comeback. This is an ode to those items.


Twister Fries (McDonalds)

We may not all agree on what fast food chain makes the best French fries, but it’s a general consensus that McDonald’s twister fries are an icon. We can’t get enough of those curly and satisfying potato strips!



Rice Burger (McDonalds)

In a country of rice-loving Filipinos, the Rice Burger was a stroke of genius from McDonalds. From the sauce to how the rice and beef were cooked—it was arguably perfection and we miss it like almost nothing else.


Buffalo Chicken (McDonalds)

Some might think it a challenge to keep buffalo chicken crispy, but McDonald’s did it flawlessly years ago. Not only that, but the chicken hit just the right balance between spiciness and sweetness, too.


Tuna Pie (Jollibee)

We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we said there was an uproar when the Tuna Pie came back to Jollibee stores earlier this year. It was like we were all simultaneously reaching over for a taste of that flaky crust and moist filling.

Crisscut Fries (Jollibee)

Yes, there will always be room for fries—whether to partner our spaghetti or burger with. But with Jollibee’s crisscut fries, the equation changed. It was chewy yet crunchy and had an almost-hashbrown quality to them. And it was available in barbeque and cheese flavors!


Double Down (KFC)

It was definitely not the health-conscious decision to eat a Double Down from KFC, but our palates sure were grateful. Every mouthful of that double chicken with cheese and bacon sandwich was sinful but still somehow completely worth it.



Chili Con Carne (Wendy’s)

A simple yet banging dish from Wendy’s was the Chili Con Carne, which they served with a packet of crackers that you could dip. It was a bit of a mess in the movie house, but we hardly ever complained.


Crispy Noodles (Chowking)

Those crispy fried egg noodles with a sweet-savory sauce, vegetable and pork chunks from Chowking will forever hold a dear place in our hearts. We’re sorry we took you for granted.


Lechon Pizza (Pizza Hut)

Pizza itself may be deadly, but leave it to Pizza Hut to take it over the edge. Sprinkling some dough with mozzarella cheese, lechon skin and special lechon sauce sounded like a deadly idea, but it definitely worked.


Quad Stack Burgers (Burger King)

Once upon a time, we could choose how many flame-grilled patties we wanted on our Burger King burgers. The limit was four and we definitely took advantage of that. 




We do wish our favorite chains would bring back all of these glorious fast food deals for good. But then again, the special offers do keep us on our toes.