The Best Fried Chicken Around The Metro


One for every day of the week



Whether it's cheat day or not, fried chicken always sounds like a good idea. Admit it, the mere thought of biting into that perfectly fried skin and still-juicy center already brings a smile to your face. Don’t fret, because you are definitely not alone.


This list is for all chicken-lovers.


Bad Bird

Century City Mall, Makati


When Bad Bird first opened, there was a lot of hype surrounding the new umami joint in town. Years later and it’s still one of our favorites.


Personalize the fried chicken based on your spice-level preference by going safe, spicy or chemical—and they do mean a burning sensation in your mouth. Choose the favorite side dish of waffles, corn and coleslaw or dirty rice and you’ve got yourself a meal you’ll be thrilled to repeat over and over again.




Poblacion, Makati


In the busting streets of Poblacion lies Bucky’s, which boasts serving “more than a brownie” baked goods. Oddly enough, we constantly find our mouths savoring for its simply named Fried Chicken, too. Served up with a generous serving of roasted garlic mashed potatoes and gravy, you actually won’t be missing your standard white rice.




With branches pretty much everywhere


This list would not be complete without one of our favorite fast-food chains. Chickenjoy is seriously a staple for everyone—it’s practically tradition. The term juicylicious is almost an understatement, because each bite is never dry. And when you top it off with some gravy and finish things out with a spoonful of rice, you’ll be thanking yourself for walking into that Jollibee branch nearest you.




With branches pretty much everywhere


Then again, sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like KFC. The Colonel definitely knows what he’s doing.


The original recipe is a classic at this point, but the fast-food giant has been keeping things interesting by adding in new flavors to the mix. Their chicken bowls, salted egg sauce and bite-sized options will keep you keep coming back.



Mini Stop

With branches pretty much everywhere


Oddly enough, one of our favorite fried chicken dishes doesn’t come from a restaurant at all. Convenience really is sometimes key, isn’t it?


Mini Stop chicken is perfectly standard and always delivers the same taste every time. But what really sets it apart is its gravy—peppery, powerful and delicious.



Pancake House

With branches pretty much everywhere


When doing fried chicken, a lot of the taste relies on the batter—that’s why most of us save the skin for last. And Pancake House Pan Friend Chicken offers a tangy difference that we constantly find ourselves yearning for.



Sincerity Café & Restaurant

Lucky Chinatown, Manila


For one of the best Chinese-style chicken around, head on over to Sincerity Café & Restaurant. The serving is generous, the skin is crispy and the meat inside is tender as it is succulent.




We will always have a soft spot for fried chicken. Fortunately, there’s always a great place never too far away.