The Most Instagram-Worthy Cafes and Restos In Town


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Millennials have this innate talent to make something ordinary look amazing for social media. It takes a certain eye to make food and a regular restaurant look spectacular, but the selfie generation just seems to be able to do it. Of course, it only helps when the space and the food is already Insta-worthy.


Taste Of Capitol

Tomas Morato


When you’re in the mood for a restro aesthetic, let everyone know it. You won’t want to put your camera down at Taste of Capitol—except when the food arrives.




Addition Hills, San Juan


Right in the middle of a quiet street in San Juan lies CO/OP, a quaint little restaurant that also serves as a stationary, toy and bag store. Browse through their lifestyle items and take photos of every corner while you wait for your food.



Eggs For Breakfast Café



For a more homey-yet-elegant feel and landscape, head over to Eggs For Breakfast. Not only is the place Insta-worthy without a doubt, but each dish will also have you snapping photos from every angle.



Medokoro Ramenba

Leviste Street, Makati


You might not always get a seat with your friends at Mendokoro, but you’ll will be too busy taking in the style anyway. The bar-style restaurant will satisfy your nose, your mouth and your eyes.



Narrative Coffee

Salcedo Village, Makati


Quiet, restful and completely chic, Narrative Coffee is nestled inside The Office Project. It’s the best place to flatlay and enjoy a cup of coffee to wake you up in the middle of the afternoon.




Poblacion, Makati


Fusion does not just mean food anymore; it’s applicable to spaces, too. Oto is a craft cocktail room, a specialty coffee shop and a listening room all in one. Sounds good? It looks even better.



Rustic Mornings by Isabelo



Outdoor shots are more often breathtaking than they are bland and Rustic Mornings by Isabelo takes full advantage of this. The restaurant is housed in an old family compound and was designed as a homey outdoor garden.



SGD Coffee

Teacher’s Village, Quezon City


SGD Coffee is exactly what you want to be. The elevator music they often play is soothing, the food is amazing and the interiors are comfortable and camera-ready.



The Cheesecake Fairy

Evia Lifestyle Center, Las Piñas


Bringing in the beauty of the outdoors to the comfort of a fully walled café is The Cheesecake Fairy. You’ll have a ball going through their selection of pastas, sandwiches and specialty cheesecake. And if you ever wondered where you can get those animal foam images on your coffee, now you know where to go.



Yardstick Coffee

Legaspi Village, Makati


Sometimes what you want isn’t a gimmick; sometimes straight to the point is the way to go. In Yardstick Coffee, you’ll have nothing but perfectly angled wooden chairs and tables, colorful mugs and excellent drinks.




What are you waiting for? Get eating, drinking, clicking and posting!