What To Drink When You Don’t Like Beer


It’s an acquired taste for a reason



No matter who you talk to, everyone will agree that beer is an acquired taste. Hardly anyone is born liking beer; it’s something that you eventually learn to appreciate—mostly because it’s the easiest (and cheapest) drink to have. But what if your taste never alters itself to appreciate beer? Then what do you do?



The answer is to find something else, of course.


Jack Coke

One of the great things about a beer is that it’s a no-fuss drink. But for something that’s a little stronger yet also fuss-free, get a Jack Coke. It’s a drink you can carry around with you in the bar, in the club or whatever party you’re in.



Vodka 7

For something of the same caliber but tastes a little different, then grab a Vodka 7. Both options are a little more pricey than beer (because it’s hard to get cheaper than beer at a bar), so the trick is to nest your drink longer.


Gin Tonic

For those that are a little conscious about the calories that soft drinks unfortunately give out, a Gin Tonic could very well be your best friend. Just have the bartender put some orange peels and maybe a slice of lemon and you’re good to go.



Smirnoff Mule

Then again, it’s always easier to bring around a bottle as opposed to a glass. Smirnoff Mule is a vodka mix that tastes like a fancy Vodka 7 that’s infused with some acid. And while it doesn’t taste like it holds much alcohol, the lightweights should watch out.


Flavored Beer

But if you’re looking to one day drink beer like the rest of the world, a good place to start is by taking flavored beer. There are many options to choose from—apple, margarita, lemon and others—that hide the bitter taste just enough for you to still enjoy your sips.




Now that you know what to drink, get to it. But keep your head on straight and drink responsibly!