What We Miss Most About Mile Long Makati


Some of the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants in the city just got the boot



The nearly two decade-long legal battle is finally over. The messy aftermath, however, is just about to kick in.


Last week, tenants of the Mile Long property were forced to evacuate and close shop. According to Solicitor General Jose Calida, Sunvar Realty Development Corporation, the leasee of the government-owned property, had been illegally occupying the estate and “continued to remain in possession and collect millions of rentals from tenants.” The Makati City regional trial court then prompted the rushed (and extremely uncoordinated) mass exit of the 273 tenants last August 18.


Picture this: cardboard boxes piling up in the hallways, furniture in driveways and parking lots and a sign put up by a tenant saying: “President Du30, we are on your side. We are begging you to please help us. We, lawful tenants, were [misled].” Just like that, the Premier Cinema, Mile Long Arcade, Makati Creekside Building, The Gallery Building and Sunvar Plaza were no more.


While the Duterte administration busies itself with plans to sell the property and the Prieto and Rufino families worry about the 1.676 billion pesos in taxes they owe, we’ll mourn the beloved establishments we had to say goodbye to. Here are the six things we miss most about Mile Long Makati:


#1: The picture-perfect coworking space at O2

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#2: Makati’s hole-in-the-wall steakhouse, Wagyu Japanese Beef

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#3: Getting the ultimate ramen fix at Yoshida Seimen Yokohama Ramen

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#4: The quaint neighborhood coffee shop, Kitch’ Café

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#5: Award-winning music studios like Soundesign Manila, Hit Productions and Noisy Neighbors

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#6: Delicious yakitori from Hoshimatsuri

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Here's to hoping we get to reunite with these establishments in the near future