For The Love Of Beer: Everything You Need To Know About This Wonderful Alcoholic Beverage


Consider this essential reading for every beer lover



Beer might be an acquired taste but boy, those who have acquired it sure love it. To them (to a lot of us, more like), nothing hits the spot quite like a nice cold beer. Whether it’s to cap off an eventful week or unwind after a stressful day, to celebrate a special occasion or to sip slowly while watching a Boracay sunset, sometimes life just calls for a bottle of beer.


But there’s more to this alcoholic beverage than a good time, a great street food accompaniment and activating those beer goggles!


From its fascinating origins (fun fact: historians postulate that nomads may have learned to make beer using grain and water before they learned to make bread) to today’s beer-centric events around the world, beer is about as versatile as it is enjoyable. Various studies have found that drinking beer lowers the risk of developing kidney stones, can lower the risk of heart attacks and strengthen bones. A Harvard University study also showed that moderate beer consumption can decrease the chances of diabetes.


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For the love of beer, we rounded up these handy infographics with fun facts and trivia. Scroll through to level up your beer knowledge!


What’s beer tasting done right, you ask?


Here, get to know the different types of beers:

via Daily Infographic


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How to find the perfect beer for you based on your wine preference:

via Wine Country Gift Baskets


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Time to get your beer facts straight:

via BrewDog


Here’s a look at the most popular beers all over the world (as of 2015, at least):

via VinePair


And a map of the highest rated beer breweries this year:

via VinePair


Get the most out of your beer experience with foods that go best with each type:

via College City Beverage


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Just for fun, party math: a liquor guide for your next party:

via Bottles Fine Wine


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Too much of a good thing isn’t good though, so keep in mind that drinking in moderation is key. Cheers, everybody!


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