How to Brunch Like a Pro:


And feel 110% satisfied after  


Whether you want a hangover cure or a hangover for the day, brunch will always have your back. These essentials to brunching will leave you with a happy stomach and a happy heart.


Where to Go

There are many, many brunch places guaranteed to meet every need. For example, The Wholesome Table’s goal to “build a healthy food culture” is accomplished by using all-organic sources to create gluten-free and vegan options for its menu.



What to Order

The best move to make is to go to brunch with someone or a squad who gets you. That way, if you’re conflicted between ordering sweet vs. savory, your partner-in-brunch can get a sweet dish and you can get a savory dish (or vice-versa).


The classic brunch dishes include pancakes and eggs benedict. Brunch places like Bean & Yolk have a hazelnut ricotta french toast to fill your sweet tooth cravings. Tilde Hand Craft Café serves a kimchi reuben if you’re looking to satisfy your savory needs with a fun twist.


Brunch is essentially incomplete without cocktails—Remember: Say YES to mimosas—and/or coffee. After all: “Brunch without champagne is just a sad breakfast”



‘Gram Your Brunch

One major tip: lighting is key to photographing your brunch. You can either get a close-up of those pancakes to capture every detail of the syrup running through tasty fluffiness, or you can get an overlay of your brunch spread. Strategically place accessories like your chic sunglasses in the spaces between your spread to snap how stylish your brunch really is.




Disclaimer: Your pants may feel a bit snug once you’re done brunching, but it’s totally worth it.