Manila’s Secret Bars & Where To Find Them


Entrance not guaranteed!



Some years ago, the concept of speakeasies reached Philippine shores and the general population is still enjoying the subtle and sometimes exclusive experience it offers. And while most of these places are no longer a well-kept secret, we can still revel in the thrill that the concept brings to the table.


RM 16

How to get in: Ask around at Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew (Pasig).


This speakeasy is all about spending a good amount of time in the presence of good company. Savor their drink list and bar chow, and take in the cozy interiors.




How to get in: Open the closet in Belle and Dragon (Makati) and get taken to a different type of Narnia


The hidden whiskey bar is almost straight out of a set from The Godfather franchise. Lounge around in the comfortable couches and take your time sipping.



Exit Bar

How to get in: Walk through Plaza Café (Makati) and enter the nonchalant exit door at the end of the hallway.


This intimate speakeasy is perfect for those quiet nights that you just want to cap off with a drink. And if you aren’t a fan of smoking, it’s perfect.



Bank Bar

How to get in: Enter the 7/11 at RCBC Corporate Center (BGC), make your way to the storage area and enter the highlighted door.


Unlike most of its kind, Bank Bar is well lit inside. It’s high-end design, sumptuous food and stellar drinks will make the awkward trip to 7/11 worth it.



Alcohol By Volume

How to get in: Find Lazy Bastard (Jupiter Street) and give the password.


The password is available on ABV’s website. Once you have that, you can enter a place that will bring you to 1920’s New York.



Ocean’s Telephone Company

How to get in: Head to the second floor of Frank & Dean’s (BGC) and push back the old-school telephone booth.


If you’re up for some loud music and dancing, OTC gives you the perfect opportunity to get access to just that. And even if you and your friends go wild, there’s no way to get lost. Definitely a staple among the hidden bars in BGC.



Blind Pig

How to get in: Find the Braille signage along Salcedo in Makati.


Giving you a real speakeasy experience is Blind Pig. You can chance it by going directly to the place, but you aren’t guaranteed entrance. You could make a reservation, but the number is constantly changing.




How to get in: Ask for Curator in Cyrano Wine Bar (Makati)


For those nights you just want to house your drink and have enough silence to talk, Curator is there to the rescue. It’s hardly crowded and loud, so just sit back, relax and take your time.


Thirsty Barber

How to get in: Enter Felipe & Sons (San Juan) and go through the casual door at the end.


While it definitely gives off a masculine feel, Thirsty Barber is not exclusive in the slightest. Their street food menu is just what you need to partner your drinks with. 



Prohibition Liquor Lounge

How to get in: Make your way to Dillingers (Greenbelt 3) and ask (or look) for Prohibition.


One of the coolest hidden bars around is Prohibition. You’ll immediately feel like a VIP upon entering the dimly-lit space and its varied bar menu is sure to satisfy anyone.




Keep your eyes and ears out for some of the Metro’s best hidden secrets. They’ll give you an experience unlike any other.