Pulutan Dishes Every Filipino Looks For & Where To Get Them


No drinking session is complete without the right pulutan



When we drink, we eat; there is no one without the other. There’s just something about a cold drink at night that pairs together so well with a dish that everyone in the group can dig into. So as the Spanish have their tapas and the Americans have their finger food, we Filipinos have our pulutan.


Sisig at Locavore

With branches in BGC and Pasig


Don’t trust a person that doesn’t enjoy sisig, especially when it’s from Locavore. Their oyster sisig is almost too good to be true and you’ll be finished with two cups of rice—or three bottles of beer—before you know it.



Chicharon at R Lapid’s

With branches in Makati, Las Pinas, Mandaluyong, Manila and others


Lapid’s is a classic and a street-staple around the country. The consistency of the chicharon and its flavor (especially the one with laman) keep us coming back for more. And when you have the dipping sauce to go with it, you and your guests will be happy for hours.



Crispy Pata at Dencio’s Bar and Grill

With branches in Glorietta, Greenhills, Sta. Mesa, Cubao and others


We Filipinos love our pork and we love it deep fried. Crispy pata is a favorite during family gatherings, but that doesn’t mean there ever needs to be special occasion to enjoy it. Dencio’s makes it so that the skin is crispy despite its thickness, while the meat stays juicy while housed inside.



Tokwa’t Baboy at Little Quiapo

Malakas Street, Diliman, Quezon City


With a dish like tokwa’t baboy, the ratio of ingredients is so important. In Little Quiapo, you’ll get the right amount of everything just so that you enjoy the dish to its completion. Not too much onions, not too much tofu and not too much pork—the last of which is always served at the right texture, by the way.



Barbeque at Mang Raul’s BBQ Haus

BF Almanza Village, Las Piñas


The trick to barbeque is how long it’s marinated and what it’s marinated in. And Mang Raul’s seems to understand this. Their BBQ is juicy, tasty and always what you want it to be.



Chicken wings at Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings

With branches in SM Aura Premier, SM Megamall, City Gold Plaza and BGC


There’s almost nothing as fun to eat with your hands as chicken wings and we Filipinos love to eat with our hands. At Frankie’s, you’ll get large baskets in all the flavors you want. Go classic with Buffalo or get adventurous with the Caribbean Jerk and Cheesy Bacon.




Pulutan does not just mean a snack for us. It’s something along the realm of bar chow, but it’s sometimes hearty like a main course, too. It’s that special something we look for when we have beer in our hands and the stories seem like they can go on forever.