Korean Restaurants You Need To Try Now


They’ll satisfy any k-craving you have



Before K-Pop and K-Fashion became the trend, Korean food already reached our shores. The pull was evident from the very beginning as the dishes were familiar, but still entirely different. They did BBQ like us and had sauces for their dishes, but the flavors were new and exciting.


Now the cuisine has a solid foothold in our own culinary scene. Every mall has a Korean restaurant and every food bazaar has a Korean stand. But while this is true, we’re still partial to a few favorites.


Kaya Korean Restaurant

With branches in Jupiter, Power Plant, Podium, Glorietta 2 and Paseo Center



As probably one of the most popular Korean franchises, Kaya has a lot to live up to. And yet, it delivers every time. The service is fast, the food is consistent and the menu is varied. So if you want something that will definitely satisfy your craving, this is where to go.


Take your pick among the Kalbi Jim (Koran beef rib stew), Kimchi and Bulgogi.


Sariwon Korean Barbeque

With branches in BGC and Greenhills



Sometimes you just wake up looking for Korean food—admit it. And when lunch comes around, your mouth is practically salivating for it. Whenever this happens, your best bet is to try and get a table at Sariwon. Their lunch sets are flavorful and you’re sure to get your fill without your wallet crying in dismay.


Try the Upjinsal Set (marinated beef belly) or the Dak Galbi Set (grilled boneless chicken).


Makchang Korean BBQ Restaurant

1547 Adriatico Street, Ermita, Manila



The menu of Makchang is a little more conservative, as the restaurant has stuck to the more traditional Korean BBQ dishes. So if what you’re looking for is specific, here’s where you need to head. The best thing is thing is that their side dishes are completely refillable—that’s kimchi, beansprouts and leeks, the various sauces and the miso soup.


Get your hands on their Samkyupsal (pork belly) and LA Gabi (beef short ribs).


Masil Charcoal Grill

100 Oranbo Drive, Pasig



This is another traditional one, so make sure you’re ready for a bit of heat and a good amount of smoke if there are plenty of diners. Of course, if you prefer not to grill yourself, you can ask one of your servers to do it for you. But be careful when you order, because the portions of Masil can pack a punch.


However, make sure that the Saeng Samgyupsal (beef short ribs) and Japchae are on your table.


Soban K-Town Grill

2/F Eastwood Mall, Quezon City



If you’re more of a fusion-person, then you can try Soban. The restaurant is highly inspired by the K-Town communities found in LA, Hong Kong and New York. Here, you’ll be met with Korean dishes that have a Mexican spin to them.  


Satisfy your curious tastes with the K-Tacos, Kimchi Fries and Korilog (Korean tapsilog).