These Are The Healthiest Alcoholic Drinks


All the fun with none of the guilt



Once upon a time, we tried alcohol because we were curious. Now, it’s a different story. We drink alcohol because we enjoy it, but we sometimes stop ourselves because we know it isn’t good for us. But for those times you’re feeling a little healthy conscious, don’t fret; there are alcoholic options that aren’t all that bad for you.


Some Red Wine


There’s a reason why people say a glass or two of red wine is good for you. The drink has antioxidants, such as flavonoids and resveratrol, which have heart benefits. Specifically, these antioxidants help prevent coronary artery disease, which is the condition that leads to heart attacks.


A Spicy Michelada

One of the least caloric drinks is a spicy Michelada. It’s basically a bottle or can of light lager mixed with some items that are guilt-free but make the drink exciting to consume. This includes fresh lime, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, pepper, sea salt and ice.


A Gin and Tonic

Arguably one of the most refreshing drinks, a gin and tonic may sound healthy on its own. But the truth is that tonic is actually generous on the fructose corn syrup or sugar, so replace it with some club soda instead. Then add a splash of tonic for some fizzy sweetness.


A Mimosa or a Bellini


First things first: A mimosa is champagne and orange juice, while a Bellini is champagne and peach juice. As a sparkling white wine, champagne does tend to pack on the calories. But as a wine, it holds its own antioxidants, too. Furthermore, both orange and peach juice are loaded with vitamin C, with the former also having Folic Acid, Potassium and vitamin B6. Meanwhile, peach juice is a good source of vitamins A and B, as well as calcium.



Surprise! Guinness wasn’t kidding when they once claimed their drinks were good for us. Despite how thick the drink actually is, it’s lower on the ladder in terms of calories. It has just 128 calories per 12 ounces, which is really not that bad. It’s also made from whole grains, which means it has its fair share of nutrients. Some studies have even claimed it has the same antioxidant properties as red wine and that it helps reduce blood clots and heart problems.




So next time you want that end-of-the-night drink but feel just a little bloated, fear not. The world of alcohol has you covered even then. But always remember to drink within your limit. Enjoy!