What Exactly Is So Special About Avocado Toast?


We’re breaking down one of the most popular food trends



Even if you haven’t tried it yourself, chances are you’ve at least heard—and definitely seen—avocado toast. The fruit is everywhere and is being consumed on the pretense of a healthy snack option. But does nature’s butter actually promote weight loss?



Avocados: Friend Or Foe?

We’re not sure when the trend started, but we’re willing to bet that the attention started coming when scientists made it clear that not all fat is the same. Unlike the saturated fat found in meat and some dairy products, the monounsaturated fat that is held in avocados may actually promote weight loss and even improve heart health.


It’s also been claimed that avocados help curb post-meal hunger pans, which means you’ll be reaching out for food less often. This could be a double edged sword, but the fruit also has a lot of nutritional value to compensate for this. They have twice the potassium of bananas, for instance, and they pack in a lot of fiber as well. Avocados also help lower the levels of bad cholesterol and—get this—have powerful anti-aging properties.



How To Join The Bandwagon

Avocado toast dishes may be popular in Western countries, but it hasn’t exactly been picked up by a lot of restaurants here in Manila. But this isn’t a problem, because you can easily incorporate it into your daily meals. Spread some mashed avocado over whole-grain toast and top it off with some egg, salt, pepper, paprika, garlic and lime. Or, you can just put some sliced avocados on toast and sprinkle over some lemon juice, chili flakes and olive oil.


Keep it healthy by keeping it simple. Overdoing the dish will just ruin all the natural benefits that avocados offer! So jump in, because this hype trail has a lot more fuel to get through.