3 Cafes For That Homegrown Coffee Fix


Support local products while you satisfy that coffee craving



Trends come and go, but going local will never be out of style. All you need to remember is that supporting local brands never means having to make personal sacrifices. Just because we’re in a third world country doesn’t mean we can’t step up to the plate. In contrary, we shine in almost all aspects. 



55 Square Café

Ground floor ALCAL Building, 285 Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City


If you want to get a taste of artistic culture and some great local coffee, head over to 55 Square Café. The 55.4 square meter area is settled comfortably on Katipunan Avenue right next to the Vongard Art Gallery, which houses a great serving of contemporary art pieces. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


55 Square Café is the brainchild of Kit Singson and Dan Villacruel, and it offers fourth wave coffee. This means that the area makes artisanal brews more accessible but also gives drinkers a community. Kit makes optimal use of the space by championing her advocacy for local produce, including coffee. The café sources their beans directly from farms in Bukidnon and the Cordilleras.


Habitual Coffee

Unit C14 Building B, Ortigas Home Depot Complex, Julia Vargas Avenue, Pasig


By exclusively using an AeroPress, a syringe-like coffee device, Habitual Coffee has mastered the art of third wave coffee. But what’s great about the space is that you can still personalize your drink the way you want it. There isn’t a stiff upper lip in the entire café because owners Raph Garcia, TJ Rocamora and Kaye Ong believe coffee is personal and we couldn’t agree more. #YouDoYou


Like with most third wave cafes, the stock of Habitual Coffee changes depending on the stock. However, they make it a point to focus on local roasts, which are only complemented by other beans. And even then, they circle within Southeast Asia. 



Local Edition Coffee and Tea

116 Perea Street, Legazpi Village, Makati


If you have a stronger affinity for coffee, then Local Edition is the way to go. The café does present tea offerings, but coffee is their specialty. The best sellers are the Espresso Single/Double and an even stronger Long Black. However, there is also a milky Flat White and a Latte option.


The beans that Local Edition uses are sourced from Kape Maria, but it also has its own Perea blend. However, even its signature blend is influenced by Kape Maria’s Pulag beans (Benguet Arabica, Ifugao Robusta and Cavite Excelsa).




So next time you get that strong craving for coffee or if you’re looking for somewhere to cap off a great dinner, we suggest to go local. You’ll help the community and get a great cup. Win-win!






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