Get Your Cooling Fix In These Hot Ice Cream Bars


Ice cream is the new “last bottle”



It’s nearing the start of April and, for us Filipinos, that means the summer sun is about to unleash itself and take no prisoners. As it is, getting a cool breeze in the evenings is becoming harder and harder. So instead of reaching for that beer bottle at the end of dinner, we suggest a more refreshing alternative: ice cream.


Freezer Burn

G/F, Q3, Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig


For those without a penchant for anything too cold, then Freezer Burn is perfect. The menu was made under the impression that hot and cold, as well as savory and sweet, would work well together. 



Freezer Burn’s standard flavors include chocolate, maple bacon, ketchup and mayo, corn and cheese, brown buttered pecan and mint stracciatella. By standard we mean that these choices are usually available, with a unique one entering every month or so. Customers will have the option to eat the ice cream the old fashioned way or pair them with something hot and delicious. There’s the Ketchup Mayo Fries, Cream Of The Crop (corn, cream cheese, honey cakes and cornick ), brioche toast and popcorn, a mesh of junk food and the decadent Browned Butter Pecan peanut Butter Banana.


And the servings are as much aesthetic masterpieces as they are delicious. You can seriously step up your Instagram game with a Freezer Burn post and the Supremo 4K WiFi action camera.


Kool Kids

5/F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong


Liquid nitrogen should not be played around with, but there’s no denying that it has its perks. So let’s just leave it to the experts at Kool Kids, shall we?



There is a large selection of flavors to choose from and each one is turned into ice cream with the use of liquid nitrogen right before your eyes. There’s Nuts 4 Nutella, Mad Vanilla, White Crookies (white chocolate, cookies and nuts), Camp K (toasted marshmallows, chocolate sauce and graham crackers), Pina Koolada (pineapple, coconut milk and rum) and FroDough (ice cream served inside a donut). There’s also the seasonal choice of Yuzu (Japanese lime).



5666 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati


If you prefer something clean and classic, then head over to Bucky’s for your ice cream fix. Their flavors are refreshing and simple, and you can customize your cup or cone with their generous selection of toppings. You can chose from milk powder, shaved coconut, rainbow sprinkles, polvoron, fruity pebbles, sprinkles, walnuts and more. And of course, you can choose to pair it with a bucky, which bakers describe as “not a brownie.” The store usually serves up the original bake, Buckies ‘n’ Cream, Spiced, Chunky Blond and Yana Banana. 



Bucky’s serves up some really good lunch and dinner food as well, so you can spend hours in the quaint little restaurant. It's the perfect spot to just chill out and relax, so bring everything that you might need for a long night, including your Yoobao Wireless Charger. And even if you still want to grab a beer after, Bucky's will still have you covered. 






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