Filipino Restaurants That Will Never Get Old


The stomach wants what the stomach wants. 


Some of us may have a taste for Japanese, others American and others Spanish. But if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Filipino food hits a spot that no other cuisine can. It isn’t that it’s better tasting exactly, it just gives us a level of comfort that no other food can.




Sarsa has become a quick favorite in the local culinary cuisine, and the team of Chef JP Anglo is not afraid to show it. Their glass doors are littered with praises from notable individuals in food and entertainment. But of course, what are words without the evidence?


Fortunately, Sarsa delivers on the reputation that it has rightfully acquired. Their food is simple, yet tasty and different. Only the best ingredients are used to put the food on your table, and you’ll easily feel at home.


Try their sizzling bulalo, tortang talong with crispy sardines and kesong puti and isaw. We guarantee you’ll leave with your bellies full and your pants unzipped.




Manam is also a relatively new place to eat, and yet there are already several branches of the franchise. The appeal is very simple, as is the food that they serve. The idea seems to be sticking to the iconic classics, and introducing one or two new ingredients in order to make it more relevant. It’s an easy equation that has clearly paid off.


Try their sisig, sinigang na beef short rib with watermelon and seafood kare-kare. You’ll leave the restaurant feeling more than satisfied.




Also relatively new to the scene is Locavore, which gives traditional Filipino dishes a more modern take. The restaurant has everything, from oysters to the street food our parents told us not to touch. And – for good or for bad – everything is satisfying.


Try their sizzling sinigang, oyster sisig and gising gising. We’re willing to bet there won’t be a grain of rice left on your plate.




On the other hand, Abe has been a staple for years now. The restaurant specializes in Capampangan food, so the dishes tent to be more basic but are still incredibly flavorful. There are other dishes available as well, inspired by Abe’s travels around the world.


Try their sinuteng, krispy tadyang and pako fern salad. After which, you’ll find yourself craving for the same dishes the next time you get a hankering for Filipino food.


Sentro 1771


Sentro is another one that’s been around for years – not that we’re hoping it will go anywhere soon. It’s homey feel and Filipino menu is both refreshing and comforting. They took traditional dishes and modernized the same by infusing more sophisticated flavors.


Try their sinigang na corned beef and chicken and pork adobo. Be adventurous and try the seafood bagoong rice, or go classic white instead – it doesn’t really matter. Any choice is a good one to make.