Get Your Morning Fix At These Breakfast Restaurants


Start your day in the best possible way



We all know that breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, but a lot of us still neglect it. Most of us would rather catch some extra minutes of sleep than get up in time for those eggs over easy. But if you’re anything like us, then you’ll get up for the right kind of food.


Recovery Food

Though it might have gotten a start not as a breakfast place and was more known for being an early-morning stopover before home, there is no denying that Recovery Food serves up some of the yummiest breakfast bowls. The value you get is so underrated and all your favorites are lined up in front of you, too. The service is quick, the food is delicious and your wallet won’t hate you—it’s a triple threat. 



Try their famous Tapa de Morning (Php180), Spicy Sweet Tuyo (Php180) and PinaTUNA-Y (Php155).


Pancake House

If there’s one place everyone can always agree on, it has to be Pancake House. Their varied menu is virtually unmatched and their food is so reliable. Whether you want a local breakfast, something more continental, or even something that isn’t “meant for breakfast,” you’re sure to get filled to your heart’s content. 



Try their Golden Brown Waffle (Php180), Smoked Golden Tinapa (Php269) and Two-Piece Classic Pan Chicken (Php199). 


Seattle’s Best Coffee

For those mornings you wake up extra early and want to take your time with your breakfast, then head over to Seattle’s Best Coffee, where the food is simple and the coffee is always on point. It’s a café, so you’ll get that relaxed vibe you might need in the morning, but your stomach will thank you for giving it more than just caffeine.



Try their Sausage and Mushroom Omelet (Php195), Pancakes With Bacon (Php190) and Smoked Salmon Panini (Php205). 



The best thing about Wildflour has to be that its menu and aesthetic take you somewhere else completely. You’ll forget that you walked in from a busy city street, yet you won’t feel out of place either. Not to mention, the smell of fresh bread wafting in the air is something we’re sure that you can see yourself getting used to.



Try the Wildflour Breakfast that comes with eggs, potatoes and breakfast sausage (Php415), Ricotta Cheese Pancake (Php395) and the Shakshouka (Php385).


Dean and Deluca

When you’re feeling more bread than rice or pancakes, Dean and Deluca is waiting to please you. After all, it’s first and foremost a bakery, so you know you’re getting the good stuff. Take your time looking through their selection, which they present right in front of you and make your mouthwatering decision.



Try their Bagel with Tuna Salad and Sun Dried tomato (Php360), Smoked Salmon Croissant Sandwich (Php420) and Rueben Sandwich (Php460).


Eat like a king the way you’re supposed to for breakfast at any of these restaurants. We’re willing to bet it will take you one step forward into becoming a morning person.