The Best Hotdog And Burger Joints Of The City


There’s hardly anything that food can’t fix



Food practically equates to passion and love for most of us Filipinos, whether we’re on the receiving or giving end of it. There’s just a level of satisfaction that can only be matched by a good meal. And when you’re looking for something that’s so-bad-it’s-good, you can’t go wrong with a hotdog or burger that’s fresh off the grill and greasy in all its deliciousness.


Pink’s Hot Dogs

Shangri-La at the Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig



Sure, the selection is not as vast as the one found in Los Angeles, but the same crispy bite and flavors are there. Go for the Breakfast Dog that incorporates bacon, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs and Cheddar cheese into the mix. Or go for a standard chili dog (called The Hollywood Legend) that almost drowns in beef and cheese. Or you can opt for the Naked Dog, which you can dress up according to your tastes.


Spice & Cleaver

Basement 1, Estancia Mall, Pasig



If you have a taste for more varied sausages, then head over to Spice & Cleaver to sate your cravings. The well-decked menu has everything you could ever want, from Thuringer to Bratwurst and Keilbasa. They also offer some variants for Tex Mex, Adobo Sausage and Lamb. Finish it all off with some sauerkraut and a side of potato fries.


Burger Geek

Molito Commercial Complex, Alabang



Stay with us on this one, because burger loyalists might be taken aback: Burger Geek smashes their patties. But no, it does not squeeze out the juice and leave the patty dry. Instead, their signature smashed patties are crispy on the outside, seared to perfection and still flavorful on the inside. Other than this, Burger Geek is pretty traditional with its fixings. Treat yourself to the classic BLT or have their take on the breakfast burger.


Primo’s Burger

143 Katipunan Avenue, St. Ignacious Village, White Plains, Quezon City



The specialty of Primo’s Burger are wagyu patties that won’t have your wallet weeping. The truth is, you’ll have no problem ordering seconds. Primo’s not only offers one wagyu patty, but will raise you a Triple Wagyu Cheeseburger for an added minimum sum. But if you want the classic, their Quarter Pounder options will likewise have you undoing that button on your jeans.


Lazy Bastard

Basement Floor, 22 Jupiter Street, Makati



For some messy yet no fuss burgers and hotdogs, Lazy Bastard offers a haven for the curious and the hungry. Opt for the Sloppy Joe, which is made from 100 percent ground beef, as well as a generous serving of onions and Lazy Bastard’s own special sauce. Or grab one of their bacon-wrapped hot dogs. Whatever choice you make will be one you’ll be proud of.