Weird Food Combinations That Actually Taste Amazing


Don’t knock ‘em till you try ‘em



Does pineapple belong on pizza? We hate to break it to those who firmly believe it doesn’t, but there are far weirder food combos up for debate. Would you ever have Cheetos with your milk instead of cereal? What about ketchup with your sundae instead of chocolate syrup? Next to these, pineapple on pizza looks like a rookie in the world of weird food combinations, no?


“Opposites attract” does hold true when it comes to food. And there’s a science to back it up (don’t worry, lovers of weird food, you aren’t just unusual.) Two contradicting flavors play off each other and bring out each other’s potential: “Really fatty foods, like ham and other meats, tend to leave your mouth feeling fatty, which is an undesirable state,” says Paul Breslin, Scientist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center and a professor of nutrition at Rutgers University. In this case, the acidic properties of pineapple offset the fat in ham. With all other weird food pairings, it all boils down to balance—between salty and sweet, sweet and sour, salty and bitter, fluffy and crunchy, fatty and acidic.


So don’t leave your eyes to do the judging, let your taste buds do the work! Try these weird food combos at your own risk…only because you might just get hooked.


#1: Chocolate milk + salt



#2: Champorado + Sriracha (via


#3: Caviar + white chocolate

via Kitchen Butterfly


This one’s chef recommended!


#4: Peanut butter + Oreos


Who else tried this after watching The Parent Trap?


#5: Yakisoba + Honey Stars (via


#6: French fries + ice cream


It’s no wonder that McSaver Meal is a winner.


#7: Sundae + ketchup (via


#8: Grilled cheese + strawberry jam 

via The Garlic Diaries and Completely Delicious


#9: Hotdogs + marshmallows

via Teen Vogue


A kiddie party staple here in the Philippines, but apparently weird for the rest of the world.


#10: Bacon + peanut butter

via Spoon University


#11: Cheetos + milk (via


#12: Brie cheese + bagoong

via Melanie Cooks and Red Mart


Which one of these weird food combinations are you willing to try?




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