10 Signs You’re Addicted To Social Media


Is it time to get some help? 



People often complain that the younger generations spend too much time on their phones, tablets and gaming consoles—even if they are part of the younger generation themselves. And while it might hurt to hear we’re slightly addicted to social media, they might actually have a point.



It’s the first thing you check in the morning

Right after you wipe the sleep from your eyes and before you get out of bed, you check your social media accounts.


You refresh your feed more than once

When you open your phone to check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, you find yourself scrolling up again to see if there are any new posts. You do this because you’ve already seen everything.


You take breaks often

You excuse yourself from work to check your social media accounts. After you compose and send an email or after you finish a presentation slide—there you are online.


You get fidgety if you don’t have your phone

On those rare occasions you forget your phone at your desk or you need to leave it to charge, you get fidgety. Your hands feel empty and you’re wondering what the rest of the world is up to as you have lunch.



You always have one eye on your data consumption

Data is a limited source and you want to keep your finances in check. But instead of cutting down on your daily dose of social media, you’d rather sacrifice gaming, checking the news and even ordering food.


You know everything about everyone’s life

You may not have seen your classmate since high school, but you know the names of her kids, her husband and the church she got married in. 


You’re a perpetual poster

As much as you know about everyone’s life, you make sure they know about yours, too, from the coffee you had in the morning to where you had drinks that night. 



You curate your updates

One does not just take a photo and post. You think everything through including the framing, positioning and timing.  


You feel bad when you can’t share

When someone digs in to the food before you can get a proper photo or boomerang, you feel bad. When you see something funny that you didn’t catch on camera, you’re frustrated.


It’s the last thing you check at night

Before sleep embraces you, you check your social media accounts. You take the slow of updates as a sign that everyone else has gone to bed and you won’t miss out on much anymore. 




Social media is by no means a bad thing as long as you don’t let it cut into your productivity. Besides, it’s the easiest place to stay updated, not just on your friends but on world events, too—or at least that’s what you tell yourself.