Everything You Can Expect From iOS 11


Apple calls it a “giant step” for the iPhone and a “monumental leap” for the iPad



While it was unveiled at WWDC 2017 last month, iOS 11 won’t be released until the iPhone 8 is launched later this year. However, those of us that are satisfied with our older Apple models will also be getting the upgrade once it’s ready to roll out.



There’s a lot in store with the next generation OS. Apple is not playing around this time.


Cleanup Your Storage

Settings is getting a big overhaul, but one of the biggest changes is what you can do with storage. You’ll be able to offload unused applications automatically when you’re running out of internal memory.


Customize Your Control Center

The small range of options on the control center are soon to be a thing of the past. Apple’s extending the feature with iOS 11 and you’ll be able to customize it, too.


Dig Into Your Files

Files is a new application that organizes the files found on our iOS device or iCloud. It will also work with third-party services like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Mega.


Embrace Augmented Reality

With iOS 11 comes ARKit, a feature that allows developers to create augmented reality apps via the sensors and cameras present in iOS devices. Just imagine the possibilities, like an AR map of a city or virtually designing your home.



Explore The New App Store

Games now as its own category and in-app purchases are discoverable from the App Store itself. Content is also at the heart of the update, most of which are editorial, which means trips and tricks galore.


More Usage = Less Battery Life

At this point, it looks as if the new features from the updated OS is taking a significant toll on battery. But because it’s still on beta, we’re hoping that this issue will be fixed by the public roll-out.


Say Goodbye To 32-Bit Apps

Time to bid farewell to those 32-bit apps because the new iOS just isn’t going to support them anymore.


Siri’s Earns A New Degree

With iOS 11, Siri gets a lot smarter. She can translate phrases from American English to Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin and German. You can also type out to Siri instead of talking to her, which comes in handy for the more specific requests.




The beta version of iOS 11 is already available for those that signed up for the program. If you can’t wait a couple more months to try out the new features, you can learn how to get a head start here.



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