Tech Thursday: OTG Flashdrives


What it is and why you need them



The world just got a little bit better because of OTG (on-the-go) flash drives that act as extra storage for your smartphone or tablet. They also make data transfer from gadget to gadget a lot easier as well as allow users to play videos direct from the key. How cool is that?


Apacer USB 3.1 Type-C Dual Flash Drive



Apacer's USB 3.1 dual flash drive offers 32GB of memory and is compatible with any Type-C device, i.e., the newer MacBooks and Nexus 6P. As for usage, it's pretty much plug and play. It reads and writes fast, and supports multiple operating systems. The only downside would be that there are only few gadgets that support USB Type-C as of current.



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Apricot OTG Flash Drive for Apple Devices, MAC and PC


Apricot's OTG Flash Drive is a little sleeker in terms of design (it's all metal!). This offers 32GB of storage but is limited to Apple devices and select PCs. Also unlike Apacer, this requires an app to be used. But worry not as the app comes free with the flash drive. It does what it's supposed to and guarantees a safe and effortless transfer of photos and videos. It's the easiest not to mention stylish way to free up space on your Apple devices!



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