Tech Thursday: Selfi 1.0


The selfie stick that has something a little extra




The Basics

You might think Playground's Selfi 1.0 is just another selfie stick that helps you take photos of the whole fam or that gorgeous view right behind you and your friends. Well, yes and no as the Selfi 1.0 has a wireless Bluetooth (BT) shutter and a 2600mAh power bank that's quite handy when your smartphone's juice is running low. Its adjustable knobs and swivel head allows multiple angle shooting while the stick itself can extend up to 80cm to ensure you don't miss anyone on that group photo. The best part? It's perfect for almost all mobile phones available in the market today.


Real Talk

Unlike its ordinary counterparts, the Selfi 1.0 is not only extendable but foldable, too. The adjustable and rotatable knobs are great for high and low angle shooting. And the stick itself? It's made of durable alloy material and be used as a monopod or even a hiking stick if you're the outdoorsy type. Using it is pretty much a breeze, too, as you only need to pair it with your smartphone's BT, ensure the phone is secure and in place, adjust the knobs or stick as needed and click on that Wireless BT 3.0 shutter. We only wish it came with its own USB cable. 

Get creative and take more than just selfies. Use the Selfi 1.0 to capture stunning landscapes or moments from humanly impossible angles.



The Verdict

Playground's Selfi 1.0 is for the tech-savvy individual who's looking for something simple and easy to use but still has that something extra. And for the price, we'd say it's a pretty good deal.


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