6 Best Messaging Apps For Businesses


These apps will help you run your business more smoothly 



An open line of communication will always be essential in running an operation of any kind smoothly, be it in a combat mission or in a business.


With technology changing the game in terms of how we accomplish every day tasks, apps have now been the go-to tools for making our lives easier. Communicating with co-workers is now a breeze with messaging apps you can shop around for, which allow you to access important (and even non-important) messages wherever you go.


Today’s business setting requires a constantly open line of communication, which encourages collaboration and fosters a sense of teamwork, as well as builds connections. Whatever a company’s productivity goals are, they would be tough to achieve without colleagues having a seamless means to speak to each other.


Fortunately, messaging apps allow discussions to flow smoothly among co-workers in an easier, faster and more reliable matter. As for the best apps for business? Here’s a rundown:




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Slack is probably one of the most popular messaging apps for business out there—and for good reason.


The app, which is an acronym for Searchable Log of All Conversation and Knowledge, has a myriad of customizable features including the integration of other third-party apps that are key productivity tools in running a business.


Runs on: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and Web

Price: Free for unlimited users with limited features, including 1-on-1 calls and a 10,000-message history; starts at US$8 per user for the Standard Plan, which offers unlimited history, screen sharing and team video calls


Google Hangouts


Google has released a chat app for businesses that aims to rival Slack, which allows users to send messages privately or in groups and collaborate on projects. Google Hangouts is also open to the integration of Google bots and other third-party apps.


Runs on: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and Web

Price: Included in the G Suit Basic Plan and higher starting from US$5 per user for Gmail on custom domains, G Suite apps and Hangouts Chat


Microsoft Teams


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Microsoft is hot on the heels of the two previous apps for businesses thanks to Microsoft Teams. It’s the tech giant’s answer to the need for workspace communication and is available in Office 365, serving over 181 markets in 19 different languages.


Aside from its individual and team chat features, integration of bots and third-party partners including Skype, it is a hub for Office apps, thus making it ideal for collaborations.


Runs on: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Web

Price: Included in the Office 365 Business Essentials package and higher starting at US$6 per user for hosted Exchange email, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams chat, Sharepoint and Yammer




Stride sets itself apart from the other apps with its unique feature of marking any messages as tasks. Once these are done, users can tick them off, which allows team members to know when they have been addressed.


Runs on: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and Web

Price: Free for unlimited users that includes ten apps or bots and a 25,000-message history; US$3 per user for the Stride Standard package, which includes unlimited bots and message history, group sharing and remote desktop control




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Flock is a business messenger that works best for quick decisions made over the chat app. Like the others, it is packed with features that help boost productivity in the workplace.


The interface helps you connect with teams through both text chats and video calls, manage to-do lists, conduct polls and set reminders. Both screen sharing and third-party app integration are also added features.


Runs on: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Web

Price: Free for unlimited users with a 10,000-message history feature; starts at US$3 per user for the Pro Plan, which includes unlimited message history and third-party app integration




Developed by Doist, Twist looks different from its competitors and functions quite differently too.


Instead of real-time messaging, Twist focuses on an entirely new platform based on a more organized and productive means of communication. It eliminates all the noise by turning chats into threads, which helps users focus on conversations and not get lost throughout the process.


Runs on: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Web

Price: Free for unlimited users with a months-worth of message history and five integrations; unlimited plan is priced at US$6 per month per user, which features unlimited message history, file storage and integration



With all the available messaging apps out there, preference still depends largely on both your company’s needs and your budget. The good news is that these messaging apps are still evolving, which means their features are likely to improve and can thus deliver more seamless work experiences that are focused on collaboration and teamwork.