Now on Our Want List: 8 Exciting New Releases on the Globe Shop This Summer


Featuring exclusive items, a top-rated action camera, klutz-proof phone cases and more



New-in and hot off the restock, the latest additions to the Globe Shop this month are all the tech goodies worth keeping an eye on…or shopping right on the spot. With trusted brands that live up to the hype like Marshall, Supremo and Atmos (just to name a few), this wave of gadget restocks and new arrivals present the perfect time to kick your digital lifestyle up a notch. The best part? You don’t have to head out and beat the summer heat or traffic to do your shopping. Just sit back, relax, click away and check out. Shoppers in Metro Manila can even have their items delivered straight to their doorstep in five days’ time, too.


So whether you’re out to live a little, splurge a little or do some smart shopping where practical meets fun, look no further and keep scrolling!



The TrueBlue Wireless Bluetooth Hi-Fi Earphones

Fuss-free, hassle-free and tangle-free earphone use is now a reality with the TrueBlue Wireless Bluetooth Hi-Fi earphones.


Promate TrueBlue Wireless Bluetooth Hi-Fi Earphones, P4,995


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The Kilburn Bluetooth Speaker

The Marshall brand is virtually synonymous to topnotch speaker systems—and with good reason. The Kilburn Bluetooth Speaker lets you embody the spirit of rock and roll with its cutting-edge audio innovations, portable iconic design and Bluetooth compatibility. Here, experience Marshall’s unwavering legacy of loud firsthand.


Marshall Kilburn Bluetooth Speaker, P16,950


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The 4k Plus WiFi Action Camera

Capture life’s biggest adventures in full vivid colors with this action cam’s genuine Sony IMX Sensor true glass lens. No matter what terrain you’re in, whether you’re conquering the waves or traversing slopes, get your adventure on-cam from start to finish.


Supremo 4k Plus WiFi Action Camera, P4,390


The Hydro Smart Fitness Band

This smart wristband has got you and your vital stat monitoring covered. From the number of steps a day to the calories burned, heart rate tracking to your quality of sleep, expect to get clear and precise readings every time.


Atmos Fit Hydro Smart Fitness Band, P1,190


The Pathfinder Case for iPhone 8 Plus

The Pathfinder is for the adventurers hesitant to whip their phones out on that scenic hike. It’s for the photographers who need to keep their phones on-hand and, most of all, it’s for the cautious techies who want to safeguard their gadgets. Both light and sturdy, this UAG case features a soft core and impact resistant shell.


UAG Pathfinder Case for iPhone 8 Plus, P1,690


The Pebble Wireless Charger

Enjoy an organized and clutter-free charging experience with this amazing wireless charging device. Its ultra-fast charging function lets you power up faster, too.


X-Doria Pebble Wireless Charger, P2,995


The 405 Speaker

Don’t let the compact design of the Braven 405 speaker fool you; this small but powerful device can fill a room with amazing, clear sound and is considered one of the best portable Bluetooth speakers in the market.


Braven 405 Speaker, P4,890


The Stryde 360 Speaker

The Stryde 360’s sturdy cylindrical design, portable size and waterproof feature make it a great handy dandy travel speaker.


Braven Stryde 360 Speaker, P5,690


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