WiFi How-To: Getting Connection To All Parts Of Your Home


Looking for a perfect partner to your  digital lifestyle? AirTies and TPLink might just be the answer



If you’ve ever had to watch a movie in your living room because your WiFi doesn’t reach your bedroom, rest assured you aren’t alone. If you’ve experienced intermittent connection in the corners of your home but reliable WiFi right beside your router, we’re with you. And if you're a parent that's worried about what doors the internet opens for your kids, then you're one of millions.


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We all have this seemingly insatiable need for WiFi that requires connectivity to be readily available in all corners of our home at speeds that allow us to stream, search and like to our heart's content—but it just isn’t the case sometimes. Sometimes, there are just too many devices depending on a single router, but a strong connection is possible with the right accessories. And the answer you're looking for only depends on what you need.




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If you need: Connection & Parental Control

For families with kids (and parents that know how important it is to filter online content) and second-story homes, TPLink is the savior you didn’t know you needed. It features Whole Home WiFi as the accessory automatically connects to other TPLink devices and delivers WiFi to every part of your home, as well as AntiVirus and Security to protect your home network thanks to its firewall and wireless encryption.


Most importantly, it has Parental Control, which helps you manage and restrict content. You can even view reports of internet activity and regulate which devices can gain access to internet.



If you need: Connection & Speed

AirTies is perfect for faster streaming and gaming needs. It features Whole Home Fast WiFi, which delivers a faster and more stable connection since one unit automatically connects to another. Even better, it upgrades your streaming experience by prioritizing video signals over other internet traffic and even carries IPTV signals for HD viewing.



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So say goodbye to carefully walking around your home to see just where your connection is the strongest. Enjoy fast and stable connection from every corner and never have to worry about buffering or an on-again-off-again connection.



Get your hands on your own TPLink or AirTies WiFi mesh device with Globe at Home. Get it for as low as P150/month for 24 months charged to your bill or a one-time payment of P3600 in cash upon delivery, with the number of units depending on your credit limit.


Avail of your own WiFi Mesh device via the Globe Hotline or the Globe Tech Squad, the group that will personally make sure you're getting the most out of your WiFi connection.