5 Automated IFTTT Hacks You Need In Your Life


If your day-to-day is dependent on managing several apps and accounts, then you’ll need these IFTTT hacks in your life


But wait, what is IFTTT?


IFTTT or “If This Then That” is a web-based service that lets users create simple “if this then that” commands between other web services such as Gmail, Facebook and Spotify. These commands are called recipes. For example, you could have the recipe “If someone tags me on a Facebook photo, then save that photo to my Dropbox,” and IFTTT will access your Facebook and Dropbox accounts (with your permission) and do exactly that automatically. It’s the free online assistant you never knew you needed!


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All you need to do to is sign up for an account and start collecting the most convenient recipes for you. To start you off, we’ve chosen 5 useful recipes to hack your life with.


1. Back Up Your Tagged Facebook Photos


Facebook already keeps digital copies of your photos online but it’s always better to have your own copy backed up. The recipe only works for photos in which you are publicly tagged after you connect your accounts to IFTTT. So if you just had a family reunion and are expecting a load of jump shots on your Facebook wall, now is the perfect time to start using IFTTT. You can have the images saved in your Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.


2. Log Your Time And Location To A Google Spreadsheet


The Do button is an app for both iOS and Android that triggers an IFTTT Do recipe with the push of a button. For this particular recipe, whenever you press the button on the app, your current location and time will be automatically recorded in a Google spreadsheet on your Google account.


So if you share the Google sheet with loved ones, you can use this recipe as a way of letting them know where you are—you know, for security measures. This might even pacify an overbearing significant other (but we recommend a recipe for trust, too). Meanwhile, here’s the IFTTT recipe.


3. Automatically Download Email Attachments 


With this recipe, you’ll never need to dig through hundreds of emails to find a single file ever again. With absolutely no management on your part, you’ll find all your received work files, electronic billing statements and whatever else saved in your Drive for you to sort and peruse at your leisure on almost any device.


4. Add Songs Instantly To Your Spotify Playlist 


The Do Note is another useful IFTTT app for both iOS and Android that executes a recipe for what you’ve written on the note in the app. For this one, you simply type a song title and artist, and IFTTT will automatically find the song on Spotify and save it to your playlist. This is great for when you hear a great song while commuting and want to save it for later.


5. Keep Up-To-Date On Netflix New Releases


Favorite show just had its finale and now you need a new one to fill in that hole on your binge-watch schedule? All the best shows are on Netflix—now in the Philippines—and with this handy recipe you’ll get an email notification whenever @whatonnetflix tweets about new shows for you to queue up for the weekend. Never fear spoilers again!