5 Tips to Make Your Smartphone Battery Last Longer


These small changes to your phone settings will keep you from running out of juice


If you’ve seen enough horror flicks and suspense thrillers, you know you’re in trouble when things start to go awry and your phone’s battery is almost empty. But even without a psycho killer on the loose, a weak signal and low-powered phone battery with no access to a power bank or charger are easily the stuff of nightmares. Fear not! Do these simple steps to ensure your smartphone’s battery won’t die on you.



Step 1: Switch on your phone’s power-saving mode.

Your smartphone’s Low Power mode or Battery Saver mode is configured to automatically turn off some features and restrict data usage once your battery power hits a certain percentage. To conserve even more power, set your phone to power-saving mode when the battery meter is approaching 50%.



Step 2: Opt for a dimmer screen.

Of course, photos, videos and your cool wallpaper looks better on a bright screen, but while you’re not looking at them, turn down the screen’s brightness a notch or two. This simple tweak will significantly prolong your phone’s battery life.


Step 3: Turn off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location services and GPS.

Most of us leave our phones’ Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on 24/7 without realizing that these settings consume a lot of power. The same goes for location services and GPS, and you probably need these even less than your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. If you’re just at work or school the whole day and don’t require mobile data, keep these energy drainers switched off.



Step 4: Avoid constantly shutting down your apps.

Closing the apps you don’t frequently use is a good practice in order to save your phone’s power, but it’s not the same with apps you use all the time. Shutting them down is like rebooting, which expends a fair amount of energy as opposed to keeping them running on Stand By mode.


Step 5: Quit Vibrate mode.

The Vibrate mode doesn’t actually conserve power. Your phone’s vibration motor uses more power in order to make the phone vibrate. If you need to switch to Silent mode, set the ringer at the lowest volume.